Rewrite — First Impressions


Magical goth lolis battle giant laser beetles.

This was really boring… and then it turned out to be a double length episode. I was dying guys. This is torture.


As you doubtless know, I really hate visual novels, especially ones by Key. The only two that I could stand at all were Angel Beats and Charlotte. Which are apparently the ones most Key fans hate the most. Go figure.

Anyway, this one’s not looking good so far. It really feels like they straight-out copy-pasted the dialogue from the visual novel. I mean look at this:


That’s the mother of his childhood friend and next door neighbor. Of course he might have forgotten what her name is…

This episode consisted of meeting various cute girls and taking about nothing. I think parts of it were supposed to be funny but if so it failed miserably.

It will probably get better in future episodes since now the introductions are over with. I mean it couldn’t get worse… could it?

4 thoughts on “Rewrite — First Impressions

  1. People who played the source VN say the anime’s current story structure heavily favours the existing fans of the game. Also, the anime’s release coincides with the release of the enhanced port of the game, ReLife+.

    The anime will adapt an original story written by the head writer of the game, given the VN routes were deemed too long and disparate to be mashed into a single story.

    1. Hm now that I’ve seen the whole thing this makes more sense. Probably a good choice. But still wasn’t a very good show.

  2. > Magical goth lolis battle giant laser beetles.

    That sounds like such a great premise for an anime, add in how the goth lolis spend the rest of their days playing goth loli baseball and you’ll have a winner.

    Also, not that I’m trying to defend the episode or anything, but I can at least say that the behavior of Kotori’s mother was probally intentional and story related.

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