Robotics; Notes 16 — Everyone is Murdered by Gravity


Ok, so stuff actually happened this episode… but I can’t bring myself to care. Two weeks ago I decided I would accept Robotics; Notes as it is, a harem love comedy, and now it has abandoned that too and decided to be tragic. It does it better than Key, but that isn’t saying much. Now I just want to see more of Akiho and Frau fighting over Kaito.

Further Thoughts

I like how they get the robot to work and then immediately are kicked out of the building.


That’s quite the power source there… Kind of disappointing that it isn’t fully self-powered.


Horrible, horrible, horrible debugging procedure! Safety first guys. Test your giant robots with a harness first so they don’t fall on you and kill you. Once you take the harness off, don’t go near the thing in case it falls.


Subaru was an idiot in his debugging procedure, but he’s right on this point. Robots don’t need faces. (Or legs… but…)


With her dying breath, as her robotic legs force her to jump off a cliff, what’s her face tells Kaito to thank Akiho’s sister for her legs. Truly a Key-worthy moment here. And like with Key stories, I can’t really bring myself to do anything but laugh.

18 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 16 — Everyone is Murdered by Gravity

  1. “And like with Key stories, I can’t really bring myself to do anything but laugh.”

    I was gonna say:”You’re horrible” but then since I don’t care about her, I laugh

  2. Well monopoles fall from the sky, so we must have a giant laser to make it even. LOL! But anyway I digress, I and a majority of other bloggers (Besides here of course and like one more) loved this episode (That spine crack was disturbing regardless).

    Also, why the Spanish subs?

    1. Haha yeah, you’d think magic monopoles falling from the sky would be enough… but they need a giant laser too! It wasn’t the worst episode, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. I guess your mileage may vary.

      I started watching the Spanish subs a few weeks ago when I realized they came out before I blogged the show (came out before the English ones the first time, actually). I find it a good way to practice both my Spanish and my Japanese.

  3. Is it so hard to turn her around so she faces a different direction? She herself gives up so easily… you have arms woman…grab hold of the fence or something…

    1. Wouldn’t the legs just turn around?
      And she can’t hold onto a fence, if there was none to hold onto here her berserk legs were going.

      1. You’re assuming that the thing actually knows which way it’s going! Besides, didn’t you didn’t see the wooden fence two feet to either side? If she had clutched it, he could have taken the chance to come up behind her and smash the open the case around the circuit with a rock or something (since there’s no off-switch lol). Heck she could have just waited an hour for the batteries to run out!

        1. I was wondering this too… it kind of seemed like the thing was just walking forward, not trying to toss her off the cliff. She sure didn’t try very hard not to die.

    2. I agree with Charizard that the woman shouldn’t have died if the characters have more brains, also, if the writer knows more about physics.

      Kai could have carried her like a princess, or carried her like a hunted animal. In those positions, the robotic legs won’t be able to do much no matter how much they kick around.

      It’s impossible to lift the woman’s body up and throw the boy away in the same time just that. The feet parts don’t have anything to grab unto, it’s totally a flat grassland. It’s definitely going to slip on the soil, instead of managed to stand up. It’s only possible if the soles are heavier than the total weight of the lady and the boy.

      1. Yeah, it should be impossible to stand up from that position, no matter how strong the legs are. And Kaito has no brains, but that woman has even fewer. She just pretty much gave up and died.

  4. Cliffhangers yo….

    I liked this episode because stuff actually HAPPENED! Unlike episodes in the past where stuff happens, but technically nothing really happened…I guess we are near the end so I suspect these characters will start to drop like flies xD

    Subaru dead or alive? I wonder…

    1. Yeah, stuff happened, but I think that mainly goes to show how boring the previous episodes were than how good this episode was. Stuff happened, but it wasn’t particularly interesting stuff that happened.

      Pretty sure Subaru’s alive. Otherwise they would have shown his corpse like with the other woman.

  5. “That’s quite the power source there… ” Funny that no one really cares about the very existence of the monopoles which, as I understood, provide the energy for the laser. As I understood this is a theoretical physical anomaly which would create a sensation in RL and could satisfy the world’s energy needs. Here, in an otherwise realistic setting, the kids are just mildly surprised about a monopole falling from the sky but first let it collect dust for half a year and now use their monopoles to drive a toy “robot”. It’s like if I were brewing my tea with a miniature nuclear fusion reactor, no?

    Mizuka’s demise would have been worthy of Another!

    1. Yeah, they aren’t thinking of anything but their robot. They could get tons of funding if they told people about the monopoles, I’d imagine… What’s even stranger is that JAXA knows they have these monopoles sitting in a closet gathering dust.

      That death would have fit in perfectly with another!

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