Robotics; Notes 17 — Robots Fall Down, We Get Back Up Again


Lots of people seemed to like the last episode because “stuff happened.” Fair enough.

But me, I didn’t particularly like the last episode. Sure, stuff happened, but it wasn’t interesting stuff

The robot falling over was interesting, I guess, but that took all of ten seconds. What I didn’t find interesting was walking over the cliff with the robot legs. It was an elaborate, supposedly heartbreaking death for someone we barely knew. Plus the mechanics of the death were silly.

But this week’s episode— the robotics club getting disbanded, the robot getting destroyed— this is something I can get behind. I don’t care about the woman falling off the cliff because we barely knew her. But the robotics club and the robot, we know them well. Yes, I care more about the robot dying than about a person dying. Because the show led me to know and love the robot, but not the person.

Kai is a Dick


Poor Akiho… her robot is destroyed, the club is disbanded, her acquaintance is dead and her friend is in the hospital, and she’ll never achieve her dream. How does Kai react?


“Beat me in Kill-Ballad.” Dude. I want to punch you in the face. Who gives a crap about your stupid video game. Is Kai supposed to be clever or something? I don’t get it. It’s like the teenage version of “it’s a free country”.

Further Thoughts

I really hope Akiho comes to sort out her sister complex. Akiho thinks that building the giant robot is her sister’s dream. But it’s not. It’s her own dream. She needs to figure that out.


Whoa, even that horrible teacher doesn’t want to destroy the robot!


No wonder the robot fell over! It runs Windows! Probably had a software update and rebooted itself. And she programs in Visual Studio. I thought she would have been a fellow vim user. 🙁 All my respect is gone.


Yeah, brilliant plan. The Kimijima Reports would have been moved straight to my spam folder.

7 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 17 — Robots Fall Down, We Get Back Up Again

  1. “I don’t care about the woman falling off the cliff because we barely knew her.” Only thing I knew about Mizuka (the woman) was that she forced Kai to eat some foodstuff he didn’t like every time he needed her help. I think this is tasteless as there are people starving in this world. So I didn’t like her very much.

    “Kai is a Dick” I wonder why Kai is so bitchy towards Akiho but lets himself question by an unknown person with a strange haircut. Ok, he lied to him but he actually had no reason to answer that Exoskeleton guy in the first place, did he?

    “It’s her own dream.” Akiho seriously is close to getting delusional about that robot thing. In RL, Kai shouldn’t encourage her but try to get her some professional help.

    1. Haha yeah, Mizuka is murdering the starving children in Africa.

      No, if that guy talked to me I would be “who the hell are you?” and call the police. He definitely seemed more calm than he ought to have been.

      I’m not sure about Akiho, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her interest in robots and encouraging that. What I do think she needs help with is dealing with her emotions regarding her sister. From what I’ve seen, her sister does not seem to be as great a role model as Akiho thinks.

      1. My guess is that Akiho’s sister is in the good camp. She works for Exoskeleton in order to get to know their evil schemings. In the decisive moment she will stop bad-haircut-guy from destroying the world.

  2. I hated that “beat me in Kill-Ballad” moment. In fact, I’ve hated it throughout the show, but it came off as a particularly dick move here. I get that the show was trying to play it as a big realization moment or something, but whatever happened to helping someone because, I don’t know, you’ve known them for your entire life and they just need some support?!

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