Robotics; Notes 18 — My Sister Can’t Be This Mean


Wow, Akiho’s sister is such a jerk. I guess she has some master plan to infiltrate the company and save the world or something, but still, that shouldn’t mean she has to be such a little twat to her sister.

The Expo


Akiho continues to have the best facial expressions. Her costume here is hilarious too. What the hell is she wearing?


I like how the audience isn’t at all impressed by the robot moving, but only carries about its cool costume. People are dumb. In my experience, this is very true to life: when I give demos of robots to reporters, all they care about is text to speech (having the robot ‘talk’) and blinking lights. Never do they care about the actual research.


This expo has some terrible safety practices. Not only do they have freestanding enormous robots walking around the convention hall, within falling distance of bystanders, they also have tall ladders being used without support. Even worse, the robot is powered by a powerful laser which is manually aimed at the robot’s antenna. Imagine if Michi’s aim is off for a moment, people could easily be blinded.

Further Thoughts


Um… because you told him not to? Why didn’t you help yourself is the real question here.


If I got these Kimijima reports I would definitely think they were a joke. If any news organization actually published them I would be laughing my ass off at their expense.


Oh god this school is so immoral. And Kai says he doesn’t want to go to sleep, and Akiho says she wants to “do things” with him…


Oh, of course she just wants to rewatch Gunvarrel.


That pout!

9 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 18 — My Sister Can’t Be This Mean

  1. “Imagine if Michi’s aim is off for a moment, people could easily be blinded.”
    I believe the laser automatically shuts down as soon as it’s not pointed at the satelite plate.

    Anyway… You know I’m actually liking this better then Psycho Pass. I know. I’m just as shocked as you probably are with that sentence, but Psycho Pass is getting painfully predictable and the Sybil System made a dire mistake in revealing that the Chief could change the Dominator which could lead to its downfall. Also it looks like IG doesn’t care for the animation like it does for R;N. As for R;N, the mystery is still interesting and whether you find the endings acceptable or not, th endings for Episodes 16-18 have come off as completely unexpected.

    Also, I like the title…

      1. I can’t imagine why the compact one wouldn’t have the same safety mechanism, considering they come from the same place.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty shocked you like this better than Psycho Pass. 🙂

      The endings in Robotics; Notes are definitely less predictable, but I don’t see that as necessarily a good thing. It’s less predictable in the sense that it’s random and unexpected, not in the sense that it leads to a good story. Psycho Pass knows where it’s going and builds up to its destination such that everything that happens has this air of inevitably around it. We can predict what’s going to happen because Psycho Pass takes the time to build up and guide us to our destination. With Robotics; Notes it just feels like stuff happens, and nobody knows why or what.

  2. seconded MCAL here

    Still, it’s true that those robot can fall down anytime and crush anyone like a bug.
    Also, why are everybody got hyped up, considering the robot rebellion case last time.
    What if the giant spider robot turns evil and starts killing people like in Blood-C?
    That will be totally awesome!

    1. Haha yeah in light of the rebellion this is the weirdest part. You’d think people would hate Exoskeleton (you know, the company that made the robots that revolted) and would be protesting them. But no, Exoskeleton draws the biggest crowds at the expo, and the robot rebellion is blamed on a decades old cartoon and the high school robotics club is shunned. Right.

      I sure hope that robot goes on a rampage. Would be so boss, impaling six people at once on its legs.

  3. I dunno, I got the impression a while back that Misaki is being controlled by Kimijima Kou in some way. It explains her actions and her sudden change in personality as well, and might also explain all the curious things that keep happening around Akiho and Kai. The reports also seem incredibly suspect to me, and are likely a part of a much larger plan.

    We shall have to see if my musings turn out to be true.

    1. Hm, so Kimijima Kou would actually be the evil mastermind, and not the good guy who was suppressed? And the company would be trying to stop him? That would be quite the interesting twist. I doubt it will happen myself, but wouldn’t be disappointed if it did.

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