Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side A — First Impression

Anyone care to explain what the hell this title is supposed to mean?

Apparently this show is going to follow Nodoka’s friends from her old middle school. This episode was mainly a setup for the epic magical Mahjong battles that I’m already anticipating. And the yuri, of course. I’m not sure who to ship yet…

We were also able to establish an important plot point:

Yes, Nodoka’s bosom has been dangerously oversized since elementary school. I think she must have some chronic disease they haven’t told us about…

9 thoughts on “Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side A — First Impression

  1. That bosom, yuri ships and also the no-pantsu girl; sounds like great anime to me. I’ll be confused by the mahjong forever, but I’ll stick around even having not seen the other Saki series.

  2. Saki – The original Series
    Achiga-hen – Achiga Chapter
    Episode of Side-A – The tournament block that Achiga will be in is Block A.

    See? It all makes perfect sense

  3. I dropped the original Saki as I didn’t understand anything of the Mahjong stuff. When it comes to presenting the game in an interesting way, Chihayafuru will be hard to match for me.

    But I regretted dropping Saki nevertheless, as it seems to have some decent yuri content. Afther the end of LE II I need some substitute and I’m not sure how much Pirates will turn into a yuri show. The oversized boobs would deter me a bit but I understand that Nodoka-chan will most likely not appear too often in this season. So I’ll be following this for a while!

    1. Yeah the yuri’s decent in Saki. I don’t know jacksquat about Mahjong either, but it becomes so ridiculous I’m not sure it even qualifies as Mahjong anymore by the end.

      And I definitely don’t anticipate more yuri in Pirates at the moment. 🙁

      1. @dragglemost of the show about the majong not some anoying yuri and from what i seen in the manga it wont be ridiculous and more intresting in episode 3 or 4 where they will meet the main character from the original saki so when they will meet her it will be majong and not ridiculous like you think

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