Samurai Flamenco 11 — Never Accept Evil


So cool. This was the best episode of the show by far.

Being a Hero


King Torture grew up watching the same superhero shows Samurai Flamenco did. But instead of becoming a hero, he decided to become the villain. Heroes fight alone, while villains have friends and allies. So it’s much better to be a villain. He kind of has a point.


But this episode’s real hero was Goto. He crashed into the secret lab in a monster truck, shot Dr. Torture, and then destroyed a rocket. As Samurai Flamenco points out, he wasn’t alone. He’s only able to fight because he trusts Goto and the others so he doesn’t have to worry about anything else.


Dr. Torture is spot on with his analysis of Flamenco Girl, however. She does it just because it’s fun. She is unwilling and unable to sacrifice anything. She is just putting on a performance.


The minions, on the other hand, are not just putting on a show. They’re willing to sacrifice their lives. And so are Samurai Flamenco’s other allies. Even the scientist.


Dr. Torture also knows all the right buttons to push to piss Flamenco Girl off.

Further Thoughts


It’s interesting how nice Dr. Torture is to Blue once she withstands a little bit of his torture. He doesn’t seem like much of a bad guy… The only people he’s actually killed were the first couple of people with the Guillotine Gorilla, and his own minions. Which leads me to question how much of a close-knit team they actually were.


I can’t believe he cut his own hand off and replaced it with a chainsaw.


This deep talk between Flamenco and Goto with the corpse waking up in the background was hilarious.


Goto has a great expression in the background here. I wonder what’s next? I’m actually surprised the show didn’t just end here.

6 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 11 — Never Accept Evil

  1. This show has been making fun of tokusatsu genre ever since the start, only that we didn’t expect that there will be real monsters. Someone who didn’t die even though he had a hole in the chest? Whoa.
    However, it has made fun of every aspect already. I doubt that anyone can tell where will it go from this point on.

  2. Definitely an evil dead Ash moment (and every other horror/gore movie that followed with self mutilation) with the Chainsaw. Creeeeepy vibes~

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