Samurai Flamenco 21 — Love, Love, Love



Really? Kind of corny but I’ll buy it.



I know next to nothing about hero shows. But from my understanding, Masayoshi’s confusion is understandable. Heros have little to do with love. They fight this war of good versus evil on the side of good, and vanquish evil. But love is not about good versus evil, or defeating your enemies…



Oh Masayoshi… I think you meant to say, “No, but I’ve been in love with a man. His name is Goto.”

Either way, this is all kind of confusing since I’m pretty sure Masayoshi does know what love is. He clearly loved his grandfather. He clearly loves Goto. He clearly loves the Flamengers, his master, his manager and the Flamenco Girls. More critically, Masayoshi loves his enemy. Does he really have so much more to learn? It seems to be an inability to name his love rather than an inability to love.


Oh, yeah, right, that’s totally how things went down!


Lol this face is the greatest.

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