Servant x Service — First Impressions


I thought this was going to be some SM thing… clearly I have watched too much anime.

Instead, Servant x Service is actually a comedy about a bunch of civil servants working in an office. Kind of along the lines of Working! or parts of Hataraku Maou-sama.


The humor feels fresh, since for once we have a comedy that isn’t about high schoolers. This is more a sad commentary on the general state of anime than it is praise of this show, but regardless… The drudgery of holding a job is a perfect source for comedy that’s often neglected in anime, and so far this show is doing quite well.


However, there were several breast jokes, and one of the characters has a penchant for sexual harassment. The breast jokes were minor but the sexual harassment looks to be a recurring theme. Some parts of Japanese “humor” I fail to understand.

6 thoughts on “Servant x Service — First Impressions

  1. Well, the guy is basically just trying to hitch every girl around. You can classify that as sexual harassment, but it’s pretty mild (he’s just asking them their number/email) and I’d say it’s part of the satire. I think every office and work environment has a guy who’s actually like that.

    1. I have watched three episodes now but have skipped it every time… Will have to pay attention next time.

  2. It was refreshing but after ep. 1 I already feel like everything has been said and done. Might watch another few episodes as it looks from the OP and ED they’ll introduce a JK later on. No anime without one, it seems.
    The local mascot (on the table in your first pictures) is cute!

    1. I’m at episode four now and I still find it funny. It’s definitely not as fresh as it was in the first episode though. I imagine I’ll get tired of it by the end.

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