Shingeki no Kyojin 17 – Back Into the Fray


Spidey titan is mad creepy.

Hey all, I’m Myna from Something Eternal and Sekijitsu (ed. note: and I need to get Twitter soon). Some of you may know me as Draggle’s arch-nemesis. But don’t worry, we’re actually bros. I think. I’ll be helping out with the aforementioned guest blogging while the dear webmaster is off galavanting in the wilderness.

So all of our heroes finally get to venture outside of the walls and try not to die. I often simultaneously read the manga while the anime adaptation is airing, which I’m also doing forAttack on Titan. I’m up to this part, so I knew what was going to happen. But this is a series that is much better experienced in animated form. Well, aside from the slow as balls pacing that is.


Speaking of balls, I think Armin is finally starting to grow a pair. It’s especially evident with this episode. As Jean pointed out, he’s got a chance to grow and prove himself now that he’s not attached to Eren anymore. (Or at least for the time being.)

Jean is definitely the best character in the series in my opinion. Even though we don’t have some deep ~emotional~ backstory for him like Mikasa, he’s a much better character than the main trio. I also rather enjoyed the scene with him, Armin and Reiner. I’d much rather have them bee the main three instead.


As for the female titan, I’ve got no speculations yet. This isn’t really a series that I like to join in on the Speculah.

P.S. Sorry for the quality screencaps. I don’t download anime, just stream. Don’t judge me.

10 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 17 – Back Into the Fray

  1. That new titan bears a striking resemblance to Annie. Could this explain her previous odd/ detached attitude. Perhaps Eren wasnt the only special one in the group.

    1. Fact: Annie is the only main character to be missing (who’s not, y’know, dead)
      Fact #2: the Nice Ass titan clearly spared Armin’s life for no discernible reason. So he knows him. She also wants Eren alive (or just killing everyone would be a sound strategy, instead of checking under their hoods)
      Fact #3: the Nice Ass titan has basically Annie’s face

      I think it’s settled.

  2. I guess Reiner and Jean would make cool main characters, but if there wasn’t a female protagonist I’d have stopped watching long ago. One of the great things about snk is its female characters, and that includes Mikasa.

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