Shiyan Pin Jiating — First Impressions

A family of a human, a spider, a psychic, a dog and a plant attempt to eat dim sum.

I guess this is another Chinese show? It wasn’t bad, especially compared to some of the other recent ones. It also wasn’t especially good.

The animation was surprisingly fluid. There were some pretty well animated scenes, like the one with the spider girl chasing the bug, I thought. Then there were other parts which were oddly lacking, like the background in the restaurant.

The story is the main issue, however… I have no idea where they’re headed with this. It looks like it will be them just learning to get along as a family. Which isn’t exactly my thing. It did do a good job at setting an atmosphere, which is important for shows like this.

Maybe I’ll try out the second episode, but I suspect I’ll drop it. Too many good shows to watch this season. If it was last season I’d probably have stuck with it.

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