3 thoughts on “Shoumetsu Toshi — First Impressions

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal thirty year old man named Adam Lee he is a workaholic businessman working at a office building he meets a homeless girl named Evangelina she has very long black hair pale light white skin and brown eyes her lips are pink naturally she is statuesque and athletic she has super large breasts and a big ass she lives in a tent. she is actually a half human half goddess.

  2. Evangelina is a daughter of a god of water with the appearance of a merman and a human woman she was born on Jan 1 9001 BC. this merger makes her half human half mermaid. she would wear a ragged torn skimpy Japanese schoolgirl uniform that bares her midriff and the undersides of her breasts it has a dangerously short skirt she does not wear any undergarments or even footwear at all.

  3. we later see Evangelina using adhesive bandages to cover her nipples and her pussy as her underwear along with a large pet snake named Luna she uses as a scarf or a necktie or a belt or wears it to the beach or pool along with her adhesive waterproof bandages.

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