Show by Rock! — First Impressions


What the hell just happened.

That certainly did not go how I was expecting. At first it seems like a Love Live type thing, then this girl teleports into a video game and becomes a CG goth loli catgirl? And then she fights giant skeletal monsters and rescues a band of bishounen. Definitely not what I was expecting. I guess I’m surprised enough that I’ll try the second episode? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to survive if they do the entire show in CG like this though.


It’s certainly unique…

3 thoughts on “Show by Rock! — First Impressions

  1. CG > no budget.

    Their Key Animation is amazing. If the entire show was done in actual art the show would be amazing. Instead they use CG animals so they don’t have to animate mouths.

    I would complain more but I’ve finished Shirobako.

    1. Yeah, the parts where they animate it do look pretty good. Although if I recall correctly they didn’t bother with backgrounds much of the time.

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