Shuumatsu no Izetta — First Impressions


The Nazis invade Switzerland. A princess and her lesbian childhood friend, the world’s last witch, are the only ones who can stop them.


Holy shit this was good. It reminds me more of a Miyazaki movie than a TV anime. The strong female characters, the slight steampunk vibe, all the airplanes… And that soundtrack! Whoever’s in charge of this show’s soundtrack, please give them an award!

Can’t wait to see the rest, this has rocketed to the position of my most anticipated show of the new season.

4 thoughts on “Shuumatsu no Izetta — First Impressions

  1. Hello,

    the country seems to be a part of Austria (Tyrol & Vorarlberg) and not Switzerland (which is also on the map to the left).

    This is of course not historically correct as this part should have been annexed to the Germany with the rest of Austria in the year 1938.

    Regards & keep up the good work

    1. Ah, you’re right. I think the “neutral” country that they were riding the train in is Switzerland though? It’s pretty weird how the neutral country is filled with the German army operating openly though, I’m not sure how that works.

      1. The first episode seems to be spent mostly in Westria, a neutral country, so pretty much Switzerland…

        And I think their open operation is due to either Germania is a lot more powerful and successful here (they annex Livonia/Poland without splitting it with Russia) thus capable to exert more influence on Westria or the army’s activity we are seeing are special case (the train might come from Germania so it has Germanian soldier in it, while the later Germanian soldier that kidnap the princess might be special operative that somehow able to infiltrate Westria)…

        The train passengers’ comment seems to indicate that their activity is indeed unusual, so something is indeed fishy…

        1. Yeah, their behavior on the train seemed unusual, but no one seemed to object at the theater, not even the British ambassador, which I thought was strange.

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