Didn’t even manage to watch to the OP on this one. Gave up when the cat bounced on her boobs. Wow, talk about awful.

No idea what this is actually about, since I didn’t get past the main character getting out of bed. But I was already bored out of my mind before that happened. Plus it tries to be cutesy but fails miserably. And any show with such a focus on the main character’s enormous breasts is bound to be awful. It’s an ironclad rule of anime.


I fast-forwarded through the rest of the episode, and it seemed to consist of the main girl posing for a photo shoot in her underwear, serving people as a waitress, and doing some sort of K-On cosplay. Dropped with vehement scorn.

6 thoughts on “SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION — First Impressions

  1. Yeah I legitimately tried to watch this but fell asleep. Twitter was abuzz with how hilarious it was that she doesn’t even take off those headphones when she changes shirts, but it was like an Adam Sandler film where the only good parts are shown in the trailer. Guess we’ll be watching that imouto show?

  2. I hate these sort of brain-less female character the most.
    I wonder if most of the nutrition she has taken went to her boobs.
    I fell asleep by the time she rode her bike and waved her hand at various things.

    1. I didn’t get past the first two minutes or so, so you are more dedicated than me. Pretty sure all the nutrition went to her boobs at the expense of her brain, yeah.

  3. I’m probably the only one here in this page, that I actually like the anime, to kill some good time, and imagine, “WOW, that’s some life she has.”. Whew. 🙂

    First Impression-wise, I did start with a very low expectations. I just want to see the mascot finally come to life. And a pinch of College Slice-Of-Life.

    What do you expect, for Nitroplus’ signature company mascot?

    1. I didn’t expect much, and that’s what I got. 🙂

      Can understand how how you’d like it for some relaxing though and if you’re already familiar with the character.

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