Tari Tari 04 — Putting Things in Perspective

What’s the Plan?

This show seems fated to suffer from the exact same problem as Hanasaku Iroha. Both shows had a stellair pair of opening episodes. But after that, they had no idea what to do with themselves. Let’s hope Tari Tari figures it out.

I guess we’re developing Sakai’s background and building the group up as a club. But to do that, why not focus on Wien and Tanaka? They had no motivation before, and suddenly they seem to be all into it. What made them get hooked on music?

Everything involving Sakai, though, I have trouble getting behind. I still feel like I barely know her at all. And now I’m supposed to care about her mother? Why?

So Sakai decided not to sing. What’s wrong with that? Life’s all about making choices. To do one thing, you have to give up other things. Why should she feel obligated to do the same thing with her life as her mother did?

We did have a few interesting moments this episode with Miyamoto, especially how Okita got mad at her for ditching the choir to start a fanclub. She’s definitely a bit flighty, and I can see how this would cause problems.

As for the old guys, I find it impossible to take them seriously. They’re complete jokes (not to imply that they’re funny jokes, of course). Telling the audience to take them seriously, even for a moment, is an extraordinarily tough sell.

2 thoughts on “Tari Tari 04 — Putting Things in Perspective

  1. Agreed, the plot is lacking. I find this whole let’s-start-a-band thing cheesy and the music-is-what-we-truly-live-for cliche overused in any case. The old guys were indeed laughable. But I’m fine w/ watching the cute girls and lovely backgrounds. That’s also the reason, I guess, why Wien and Tanaka are not of much interest in this show.

    Konatsu got slapped again this episode (although it wasn’t that cool like in ep. 2). P.A. Works imo has by far the best fanservice these days. It’s not obtrusive at all and just a little bit sleazy.

    1. I can understand that, but I still hope this show ends up with more than cute girls and lovely backgrounds. We were off to such a great start too, just like with Hanasaku Iroha. Why can’t we have cute girls, lovely backgrounds, and a great story? :/

      I do prefer P.A. Works’ fanservice to the sleazy type too. Less is more and all that.

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