Tari Tari 13 — Embarrassing Things

Embarrassing things aren’t allowed! And damn was this embarrassing.

How can these people do these things in public?!!! Even Wakana’s music was embarrassing.

The play itself and the script sound like they were written by five year olds. Oh, and it sounds like the acting was done by five year olds too.

And the play wasn’t the worst of it, even. We have Sawa singing this embarrassing song with her window open. Embarrassing!

We have… whatever this is. Embarrassing!

“Why can’t you just let them gather and sing?!” My goodness, this guy should be ashamed of himself. That was the most embarrassing thing in the entire episode. Plus then he trips and pulls the guys pants down. What the heck?

Tari Tari’s villain is atrocious too, although he’s not nearly as embarrassing as the rest of the episode. He just makes no sense. Why does he care if the choir sings a song? This guy spends his weekend running around and bullying children. Why? It defies logic.

12 thoughts on “Tari Tari 13 — Embarrassing Things

  1. The musical is what made me lose it. It was just so insultingly bad. To think this was what they spent 3 episodes to build up, risked expulsion for, and what got the principal fired, how can anyone’s reaction be anything else but pissed off?

    1. Seriously. I almost feel bad for the principal. Getting fired for this? That school deserves to be closed if this is the best their students can come up with.

  2. The musical was embarrassing indeed. What annoyed me the most throughout the series was that the singing (which was bad in itself) just didn’t fit with the characters at all. It just felt like they were lip syncing to some playback choir. K-ON did this so much better.

    And what’s up with the principal? First he sells out his school to get a nice pension. And just when construction is starting he looses his nerves, gets himself fired by the chairman – and all of this without saving his school or at least exposing the evil plot!

    Best scene for me in this ep. was when Wien finally tracked down Yann in that remote village in the mountains. Yuno should take lessons from him!

    1. It just felt like they were lip syncing to some playback choir.

      An excellent point! It doesn’t sound like they’re singing at all. Seems like completely different voices.

      The principal is just pathetic. And yeah, Wien is an awesome stalker. Let’s hope he doesn’t pull the bloody axe from behind his back after the credits roll.

  3. Indeed. I’m really starting to question the tastes of people when they think Tari Tari was “amazing”. Amazingly embarrassing, perhaps? This show was just all over the place, and doesn’t deserve any sort of praise. Forgettable.

  4. Embarrassingly adorable? I liked it. It is realistic in that it would be about the level of a original play written by high schoolers.

    But you’re right about Colonel Sanders. He was pathetic.

    1. I don’t know, this play was pretty awful even by high school standards. They could have just done Hamlet and it would have been a vast improvement.

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