Tenshi no 3P — First Impressions

A shut-in leaves his house to become a lolicon.

Embarrassing confession: I was actually somewhat enjoying this until the elementary girls showed up halfway through. But… yeah. I think I’ll probably pass. Anyone care to convince me otherwise?

4 thoughts on “Tenshi no 3P — First Impressions

  1. To live up to your inner lolicon?

    Agree with you though–the girls’ appearance has me pulling away from the show, but I’m going to give it one more episode.

  2. “Anyone care to convince me otherwise?”

    If you like it go ahead and watch it, you shouldn’t care about other people opinions and what they think is ok or not, when we speak about entertainment everything is personal, infact the best unbiased opinion is about judging it ourselves. 🙂

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