Terrar Formars — First Impressions


Humans vs. giant cockroaches on Mars.

It’s off to a decent start. I would be more excited if I hadn’t read the manga, however.

The manga is a lot like Attack on Titan. There are some crazy monsters that humanity has to fight or die. However, the battles are much less interesting than in Attack on Titan, since there they fly around on the 3D maneuver gear and have to rely on cleverness and teamwork to survive. In Terrar Formars, it’s more one on one fights where the humans rely on superpowers. This fight format is much less interesting to me— I enjoy it more when it’s all about wits.

This show also has some mystery and intrigue, like Titan, but again, compare them and it just isn’t as interesting. Terrar Formars also likes to brutally kill off characters (especially female ones), as does Titan. However, we’re usually just introduced to them a few chapters before, and there are too many characters to keep track of, so it never has much of an impact.  Add all this to the fact that I didn’t think much of Attack on Titan in the first place, and you can understand my lack of enthusiasm.


However, this episode did have a man fighting a giant bear. There’s something to be said for that. Sadly, this was the best fight in the first 36 chapters of the manga that I read.

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