The Reflection — First Impressions

Superheroes fight in New York.

I’m not sure what to make of it. There were certainly things to like. It had barely any talking and let the viewer figure out the obvious for themselves, which is very rare for anime. But it wasn’t too great of an opening hook, at least not to me. These people are fighting in New York, but why? Why should I care? I didn’t particularly…

The animation is certainly unique, but I’m not sure I particularly like it. Especially all the long pans on the TV screens. Just why…

It did have a few good moments, like when the reporter asked the superhero to continue protecting New York, and he said that he wouldn’t because he lived in LA. Lol.

I’ll watch the next episode and see how that goes, but I suspect I may not get much further.

3 thoughts on “The Reflection — First Impressions

  1. There’ll be a Stan Lee lookalike character in this series. Lee himself will voice that character in the English dub of Reflection.

    The director for this series also did the Aku no Hana anime, with its rotoscoping.

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