The Week in Anime Fall 2014 #1 — TWINTAILS RULE

Let’s see if I can do this more regularly this season.


TWINTAILS — Damn this is great. White is best girl. Once she get twintails she will be so much best girl she will cause a singularity and the universe will cease to exist.

G Gundam Reconguista — What the hell is going on? This makes no sense. They just randomly switched sides for no reason. Why the hell did they switch sides? Why does no one care? Did the apocalypse result in a loss in human brain mass?

Actually, I’m very disappointed about Gundam Reconguista. I had assumed (quite naturally) it would be about chasing the neo-Moors and their Zakus out of Iberia. It could have been like Gundam AGE, spanning three generations, Charles Martel, Carolman, and Charlemagne. Charles Martel could have an impossible love affair with the Pope (who is, obviously, a cute loli), and then Charlemagne could fall in love with a cute Moorish girl and bring peace.

Sadly, instead it’s about… well, I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but my version was better.

Sora no Method — So much better now that it has potential lesbian ships.


Grisaia — Its perviness is actually pretty great! The main character’s reactions are amusing as well. Like when he hears some moaning sounds, and he’s like “Outdoor sex? I can’t just ignore it.”

Shirobako — Continuing to really enjoy this one. It’s a very realistic depiction of work. For example, how they spent an entire pointless meeting arguing over one of the characters’ favorite food. I’ve been there before.


Madan no Ou to Vanadis — In general, I’m enjoying this show. However… the presentation of the battles leaves much to be desired. Whoever thought this chessboard thing was a good idea ought to be fired.

Chaika — Still loving this. The best part of the last episode was how the battle was won by Frederica yawning as a cat. Everything they do with Frederica is genius. I’ve read other people complaining about it, saying it made the whole thing pointless and a big let-down, but they just don’t get it. That kind of thing is exactly what makes me enjoy the show so much.


Trinity Seven — Based on the first episode, I assumed this would be crap, but I was pleasantly surprised by the second and third episodes. It is total trash but that’s what makes it entertaining. An episode devoted to girls peeing in their pants.

Tenchi Muyo — Episode five is a recap, after ~20 minutes of total air time? Screw that.

Akatsuki no Yona — Sadly, starting to slow down from the excellent first episode. Wish they would pick up the pace a bit. Am dreading this becoming a reverse harem though.


Shingeki no Bahamut — Gah she’s so adorable. And now we even have a cute undead loli. This show continues to be superb.

Inou Battle — Enjoying this quite a bit. I always love chuuni characters…

6 thoughts on “The Week in Anime Fall 2014 #1 — TWINTAILS RULE

  1. “I’ve read other people complaining about it, saying it made the whole thing pointless and a big let-down, but they just don’t get it. That kind of thing is exactly what makes me enjoy the show so much.”

    This doesn’t really help me “get it.”

    1. I think it’s usually pointless explaining jokes, if I don’t find something funny I still won’t find it funny even if someone explains it.

      But to try to explain it, I find it funny because of the subverted expectations. We’re expecting some huge epic battle and instead all we get is a cat yawning.

  2. I am happy that you are definitely part of our small but brave group of twintail supporters. ALL HAIL TWINTAILS.

  3. >I would love it if Frederica fight with them side by side.
    The way she appear and disappear makes her a deus ex machina.

    >I don’t want to see a show of realistic workplace. I have been stuck there eight hours a day.D ropped.

    >You still watch that shitty retro anime? I dropped it long ago. Whoever wrote those horrible dialogs needs to retake high school’s language class.

    1. > More or less, I find how they shamelessly take advantage of her hilarious though 🙂

      > I guess so, but the thing is, it brings the terrible reality of your own workplace that you’ve learned to repress and ignore to the forefront of your mind.

      > Pretty much.

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