The Week in Anime Fall 2014 #2 — Gundam Shipping Wars


Gundam Build Fighters — I watched this over the past couple weeks. Wow it is amazing. A shipper’s dream come true. Everyone gets a boyfriend or girlfriend to ship them with. Even the villains make a cute couple. It’s… perfect.


He really did flirt his way through the Gundam battle. And yes it was the best battle of the season.

Akame ga Kill — Best girl died, and I couldn’t really bring myself to care. I liked the manga when I read it, but this adaptation sucks. Although I’m starting to wonder if the manga was not as good as I thought it was…

Argevollen — This show is competent but just completely soulless. There’s really nothing original about it. It has no style.

Chaika — Continues to be one of my favorites. Chaika’s conversations with the robot girl are hilarious. My dream is that the show will end with Toru building a harem of twenty Chaikas, all the colors of the rainbow.


Akatsuki no Yona — More bishies have appeared. I really hope the girl hurries up and becomes less completely useless. This one could definitely stand to hurry things up  a bit.

Trinity Seven — If you’re going to have a show featuring lots of naked girls, the least you can do is make them look like something approximating a human female.

Magic Kaito 1412 — I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit. It’s like Conan if you don’t want to dedicate hundreds of hours of your life to watching a single anime.

Inou Battle — Great chuuni, but tries to be too serious and sucks at it. The whole thing with red wanting to write novels was okay, but the loli episode… ugh. If they want to be serious they should follow my script where the main guy’s power is actually the power of chuuni itself and to make other people have the power to enact his delusions.


Gundam Reconguista in G — I don’t understand. Anything. Aside from that I like it.

Grisaia no Kajitsu — Well, that last episode was certainly something. They picked up the pace alright… Sadly, I think they picked it up a bit too much. That episode just had random unexpected plot twist after random unexpected plot twist. I was just coming terms with the girls’ family issues by the time she had successfully staged her own death.

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai — It’s decent. But I can barely tell most of the girls apart. The only ones I remember are Orange, Purple and Red. Red is best girl btw.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis — I wish I didn’t have to say this, but the harem parts are pretty good, the fighting and politics are pretty bad. Especially when much of both is replaced with staring at a 3D rendered chess board.


TWINTAILS — Does a person need a reason to like twintails? NO! STILL BEST ANIME EVER.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso — I guess this is an anime about high schoolers, so it makes sense for them to have no perspective, but the whole thing just annoys me. They all make it sound like if he doesn’t play piano his life is worthless, and try to force him to play even though he doesn’t want to. Well screw that. If he doesn’t want to play piano, he shouldn’t play piano. There are many other equally worthwhile things he could choose to pursue.


Shirobako — Someone please murder this guy already. Still loving this show though. It does a great job at portraying the misery of the working adult life.

Garo — Still going on strong. The blacksmith episode was pretty good.

Shingeki no Bahamut — A battle of lizardmen vs. zombie pirates? JUST WHAT I WANTED. 11 / 10.

17 thoughts on “The Week in Anime Fall 2014 #2 — Gundam Shipping Wars

  1. Only now that the robot girl is here do we realise Chaika has actually wasted so much of its potential. How much better would Chaika be if it was every character was a Chaika and inbetween fights they just stood around trying to interact with each other?

    Draggle, you’re not understanding Chuuni. The main characters power *is* the power of chuuni itself! Chuuni is basically all about posturing, looking cool while playing pretend. And that’s exactly what his power lets him do!

    I read the Akame manga too, and dropped the anime after… 3 episodes? The manga is a little better, mostly because the medium hides its problems better.

    OH and I just started Build Fighters too and it’s AMAZING. As always, 11/10 taste.

    1. Yes. Every character is a Chaika. It would be perfect. Maybe in the first episode could be a non-Chaika but then he could be Chaikafied like Vivi.

      Hm you’re right his power already is chuuni. But he doesn’t need his power to do that, that power was always within him!


  2. Who was the best girl in your opinion is Akame?

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso — Aren’t they middle schoolers?

    Shirobako — Someone please murder this guy already. Still loving this show though. It does a great job at portraying the misery of the working adult life.

    Totally agree with that one.

    1. First it was Esdeath, then it was Chelsea, now it’s Mine. Which probably means she’s going to die soon, which is why I’ve fallen behind in the manga.

      Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso — Oh, probably.

  3. “A battle of lizardmen vs. zombie pirates? JUST WHAT I WANTED. 11 / 10.”

    ^ THIS ^

    “Does a person need a reason to like twintails? NO! STILL BEST ANIME EVER.”

    ^ ALSO THIS ^

  4. I wouldn’t say Argevollen has no soul, it just doesn’t pander to all the usual bullshit that mech animes do. As someone with a bit of experience in the area, I can appreciate a show that doesn’t treat the military life as a complete joke for once.

    1. Eh, I’m not sure about that. It still does a lot of the bullshit most mecha anime do. E.g., super-powerful robot piloted by the main character which turns the tide of the entire war, some kind of mental connection with the robot reducing the boundaries of self, incompetent if not downright malicious leadership, lots of flirting in the army, etc. It is much more realistic than say, Gundam SEED, but I wouldn’t say it treats the military all that seriously still.

  5. Parasyte = Shingeki no Bahamut = Garo > Twintails>>>Fate/stay night>>>>everything else this season (I haven’t watched Psycho Pass 2 yet).

    Bahamut is glorious. Jeanne’s epic lance attack won me over in the last episode.

      1. I kind of see Twintails as the flip side of the same coin as Samurai Flamenco…if that makes any sense. They both comment on superhero tropes in radically different ways (Flamenco goes for the cynical/serious/bat-shit insane approach while Twintails is all about sparkles/passionate-fighting-spirit/saving-the-world-by-little-girls-through-hairstyle-camaraderie!

        There goes any attempt at making the English language make sense…see what twintails does to me?

  6. Twin tails has me absolutely rolling in laughter. I needed that show.

    Did you finish Build Fighters? Are you going to watch the sequel Try Fighters sometime afterward?

    I absolutely love these shows with freedom from sanity. True stylization, getting right to the fun, and doing it well.

    1. Yep, I’m planning to start Try Fighters soon! Can’t wait.

      It’s definitely my favorite kind of show as well. Fun is the best.

  7. Glad that there’s someone who also watched Kid here.
    It was my favorite manga when I was a kid, and I still enjoy it after all these years.
    It’s done well. From curtain opening to closing. A-1 Pictures can do it if they put their hearts into it.
    The story is flawed like other Aoyama Gosho’s work, but it’s fine since they are kid shows to begin with, and the characters are funny and lovable. I loves the recent crossover with Detective Conan in recent episode.

  8. You’re missing out on Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru…
    Damn that anime is so underrated. Even though it’s probably (although I haven’t been watching psycho pass 2 or new FSN) the best anime this season.

    I still don’t understand how music sheets suddenly become blank and you stop being able to hear music in the middle of a performance but… W/E.

    1. Don’t worry Psycho Pass 2 and F/SN are not major contenders… but I watched the first three or four episodes of Yuuki Yuuna and it was really boring. Did anything change?

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