The Week in Anime Winter 2015 #8 — Tomino, Please Retire Already


Gundam Reconguista in G: This show continues to make less and less sense. What in the world were they thinking with this dialogue. It just… doesn’t make any sense! Not even in total, but even on a sentence by sentence basis. Why would anyone say these things? Their words are devoid of context and situational awareness.

Still, it’s way better than Wing, SEED, and 00. Obviously.

Parasyte: Definitely didn’t see that one coming.

Rolling GIrls: The Okonomiyaki Village sounds amazing. I want to move there.


Maria: Wasn’t expecting the story here to become so dark. It’s still… uh… not very subtle and vastly oversimplified. But anyway, I don’t get the bishop. What is he smoking.

4 thoughts on “The Week in Anime Winter 2015 #8 — Tomino, Please Retire Already

  1. Nooo, Migi! I was in tears.

    Is it just me or the story of Maria doesn’t really go anywhere? I regretted watching it. Now that there are only three episodes left, I will just finish it, even though I may fall asleep in the middle.

  2. I’m voting Rolling Girls for the worst show of the season. It’s so all over the place and with choppy direction. The girls are blank slates you’d find in otome game adaptations. And now aliens? Who cares. After watching 9 episodes of that production mistake I still can’t remember the characters’ names, let alone care for any of them.

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