Toaru Majutsu no Index III — First Impressions

Touma punches cute girls in the face. There, I spoiled all the best parts for you. They were the recap that happened in the first minute. Hopefully this season Touma will punch more girls in the face.

I really want to like this, but it just goes on and on and on with the new characters and the technobabble that nobody gives a shit about. Just make Touma and Biri Biri flirt more. That’s all I want from this show…

4 thoughts on “Toaru Majutsu no Index III — First Impressions

  1. You just summarized why I prefer the Railgun spin-off. It’s more character-driven, and has a localized focus. The main series is just a never-ending sequence of nonsensical twists and convoluted excuses for crazy people to fight.

    1. To be fair, your summary of Index also cleanly applies to Railgun. The only difference is that Railgun focuses on a subgroup of cute girls for the most part. (Which is more than enough to make the difference for a lot of fans, but still).

      1. That’s… true. Railgun has a lot of insufferable moe pandering, and I don’t think I would re-watch it. That being said, I remember the writing in Railgun being a bit better than Index. Character motivations seemed more logical, which is all that I really care about. I liked the Sister’s arc in Railgun (for example) because it wasn’t just a bunch of weird coincidences that led Touma to Accelerator. Instead, the show followed Mikasa the entire time, so we actually understood what she went through, emotionally, to arrive at a point where she’d try to die fighting Accelerator to save a bunch of clones.

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