Trigun the Movie – Badlands Rumble Review – B+

I’d forgotten how much fun this show could be. And with the improved animation used in a movie, it’s only better. The movie continues the same level of ridiculousness as the television show, and it’s not recommended for those who haven’t seen the original show and aren’t familiar with the characters. The movie is similar to a single episode from the TV series – a villain shows up, Vash attempts to stop them, massive destruction ensues. Unfortunately the destruction in this movie was more limited than I would have preferred.

We'll have to try a different bank, boss.
I should have seen this coming...

My biggest complaint about this movie would have to be that the plot is a bit too predictable. You can see the “I am your father” coming from a mile away.  Amelia’s backstory in general was painful and slow to sit through, but the scenes where she was beating up the bounty hunters and interacting with Vash managed to make up for it.

How many statues does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  • Plot / Script – 7 / 10 – A plot has never been Trigun’s strong point. Most of the jokes had me laughing, even though there could have been more.
  • Characters – 9 / 10 – Vash in particular is fun to watch.
  • Production –  9 / 10 – A marked improvement from the TV series.
  • Overall – B+

How it would be Worse Better under Director Draggle – More jokes, less tragic pasts. Replace moral lessons with extra explosions. More Meryl and Millie… it really seemed like they only made cameo appearances.

Recommendations – Black Lagoon, Full Metal Panic, Cowboy Bebop

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