Usagi Drop 09 — The Shinkansen Poops

A Kouki episode. This was probably my favorite episode of Usagi Drop yet. I seem to say that after every episode though…

Kouki is Awesome

One of the things I like most about Usagi Drop is that it has kids that actually act like kids. Rin’s mature for her age, sure, but not so mature that she doesn’t like jumping around in puddles. And Kouki is even more childish: he acts up to get attention. In this episode alone, he jumped over bushes, asked Daikichi to measure his poop, threw his hat around instead of drawing, jumped in puddles, had fun closing the storm shutters, drew circles in his かs, ate rice with his fingers, and generally made a mess of himself. Both Rin and Kouki are vast improvements over the typical anime child, who is usually either a miniature adult or some disturbing sort of sex symbol.

Kouki’s Relationships with Daikichi and Rin

It’s clear that Kouki sees Daikichi as a father figure. He seems to compete for Daikichi’s attention even more than for his mother’s. He omits the “san” from Daikichi’s name, as opposed to his mother, and as if that isn’t enough, he admires how big Daikichi’s back is. He even clings onto Daikichi and asks to wear his clothes when his mom is right there. He does love his mom though (at least when she doesn’t act like an old hag, as he tells Daikichi).

I loved the scene where Daikichi took Kouki home from the day care. Kouki says goodbye to them cheerfully, as he stares sadly out the window. When Daikichi and Rin simultaneously invite him to come home with them, his face just lights up. He seemed so happy and energetic the whole time they were eating dinner.

Kouki’s relationship with Rin is interesting as well. They’re playmates, but Kouki listens to what Rin tells him despite completely ignoring his teachers.

Random Thoughts

  • Daikichi is quite the gentleman with his umbrella.
  • Kouki wearing Rin’s clothes was cute. Especially how they’re each wearing the shirt that matches the other’s pants.
  • I noticed for the first time this episode that the music is actually quite good. It’s subdued enough that it doesn’t distract, to the extent that you hardly consciously notice it.
  • Obviously Usagi Drop isn’t going to have enough time to come to a conclusion, but unlike No. 6, this is one show where I’ll be perfectly satisfied with that. From what I’ve heard of the manga’s ending, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t get that far.
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6 thoughts on “Usagi Drop 09 — The Shinkansen Poops

  1. Kouki is a good child, just way to energetic and boisterous, but I guess all boys at that age are. In some regards, I was somewhat more reversed, lol. It was funny how Rin is able to get him behave when the teachers failed.

    1. I was more reserved as well, but I definitely remember kids that acted exactly like Kouki. He’s adorable. And Rin is the one who’s in charge of the house. πŸ™‚

  2. That umbrella scene made me think if Kouki’s mother think if its okay to fall in love again. She seems to see Daikichi more than what they are right now, given how comfortable Kouki is to him, and how Daikichi fullfills the father figure, Kouki doesn’t seem to know.

    1. I agree, they would probably make a happy family if they got together. But Daikichi is too unassertive, and Kouki’s mother probably has issues of her own to work out with her ex.

  3. Usagi Drop is what? 13 episodes? I think there may not be too many outstanding plot points left to leave us with a satisfying conclusion. Rin’s mother and her subplot can be throughly explained within an episode and a half. They’ve done a good job of progressing the two families along, so if that’s the conclusion then we’re well on our way to a satisfying ending.

    I’m almost afraid to find out what will happen to Rin as she becomes exposed to other people. Maybe she’ll lose some of that innocence that makes so such a delightful character. I wouldn’t mind if that happened…strangely. Rin has been a sheltered child ever since she was born, so that type of thing is to be expected.

    Great episode though. I wish/hope this series continues with Rin as she grows and becomes more mature.

    ….also…my new compy is back online πŸ™‚

    1. Awesome! Glad to have you back!

      Usagi Drop is actually only 11 episodes long, so two more to go. I think it’ll come to a satisfying conclusion as well, but this kind of story can only truly end when Rin becomes an adult. πŸ™‚

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