Vatican Kiseki Chousakan — First Impressions

Priests from the Vatican investigate miracles.

I have to watch this obviously, if just to see how another anime portrays Christianity and Western culture. As expected, it was… interesting.

To give them credit, someone seems to have at least skimmed the Bible. Although somehow the lesson from the book of Job became that God will reward those who keep their faith. I’m pretty sure that Job was all about the exact opposite of that but ok.

At the start the priests went to “south of America”. Pretty sure that would be Antarctica but it’s Mexico. Ok.

And apparently central Mexico is filled with Saguaro cacti in the middle of a forest. Ok…

You’d think in Mexico they’d have Mexican names… but of course not! There is one Carlos so I’ll give them credit for that. But the rest are a bunch of English names, with a through Germans and Italians thrown in for good measure. The setting is a complete disaster.

Aside from that, it wasn’t very well made. Very poor pacing. Extremely awkward transitions. Oh well, I’ll watch it anyways just to laugh at their misunderstandings of Christian culture.

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