ViVid Strike — First Impressions


Cute little girls beat the shit out of each other.

This was really good! At first I thought this was the Strike Witches sequel and I was confused, but it’s actually the one by the Nanoha creator which makes a lot more sense.


I especially like the main character— her relationship with her childhood friend reminds me a lot of Nanoha and Fate.

4 thoughts on “ViVid Strike — First Impressions

  1. Vivid Strike could potentially be a rather serious show in the vein of the first three series of the Nanohaverse (Original, A’s and Strikers S), if either of these two themes come into play with the new cast: the new cast are designer baby/artificial mages (Original, Striker S), or they are owners of legacy ancient Magical WMDs that Nanoha-verse used in A’s, Vivid and Striker S. I get the feeling that whatever caused the Childhood friend, Rinne to undergo a drastic 360 in personality is going to be key to the nature of Vivid Strike. It is after all, fully set in the Nanoha-verse, and in the very same continuity, and is part of the same franchise (the first new works in years!)

    They could play it soft and cuddly and make it simple adolescent misunderstandings, or they could link it to some of the more disturbing ideas brought up in Strikers S and even in Vivid itself, that also existed in the original and As.

    1. You know, I hadn’t even realized this was set in the same universe (mainly because I’ve only watched the original and I think maybe A’s). But you’re almost definitely right.

      1. After the brutal beatdown scene that Rinne delivered to those bullies as of Episode 4, I suspect it has gone down the darker route in the vein of the older Nanoha-verse series.

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