Watamote — First Impressions

Note: I’ll be travelling again from tomorrow until Wednesday. Really busy summer. I’m bringing some of the first episodes I haven’t seen yet with me, so there may be more first impressions. I probably won’t have time and we’ll be back to reviews of last season’s shows though. Also I may go on another trip from Thursday to Sunday so… yeah… I’ll write something about Anime Expo eventually too.


Watamote is an endearing mix of depressing and hilarious. It takes loneliness, something which everyone is familiar with, to its ultimate extent and then some. We can laugh because no one can possibly be so unpopular in high school she doesn’t talk to a single person for two months. But at the same time, we can shed a tear for her because we’ve all felt a little of what she does.


I don’t know though, I actually think she’s pretty cute. Just needs to get some more sleep.

6 thoughts on “Watamote — First Impressions

  1. … In my high school, I often went longer than two months without talking to anyone at all. Thanks for making me feel like a loser >.>

  2. I liked this. I just hope the joke won’t become old over the course of the series.
    Here we have another protagonist (like Hachiman in Oregairu) who hates other people for no reason and is lonely out of own choice. It’s still sad, of course, but much more nuanced than the usual girl who accidentally killed the rabbit in grade school and has been shunned ever after.
    The brother is an interesting character, as well. On the one hand he seems to genuinely care for his sister. Then again his betrayal at the McW makes Judas look like an angel in comparison.
    With the girlish hairstyle she is pretty cute, indeed. She should just skip the duck face, the rest is fine.

    1. This is probably one of the most realistic brother / sister relationships I’ve seen in anime. I didn’t think his betrayal was that bad— better to pretend he doesn’t know her than to further humiliate her to his friends.

      She is really cute, or would be if she got a proper amount of sleep…

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