White Album 2 — First Impressions

I’m skipping a couple shows. The first episode of Freezing was crap, and I’m quite confident that hasn’t changed in the second season. Kuroku no Basuke is fabulous from what I’ve heard, but I haven’t watched the second season. Haven’t watched any of Hajime no Ippo. And I am not making the mistake of watching a single episode more of Little Busters.


Anyways. White Album. I watched half of the first version, but I don’t remember it much. I think all the characters were terrible people and I couldn’t put up with them anymore? I remember other people saying that the second half was much better though.


This iteration seems off to a decent start. I like the characters so far. The main guy nearly falls into the “nice guy” harem lead category, but he actually seems pretty smart and isn’t completely oblivious to everyone around him. The girl looks like a typical “perfect idol” but, as the male lead hinted it, I don’t think everything is as it seems. She also isn’t an idiot like most characters in her role.

I’ll probably keep watching this one, but it all depends on how much drama I end up being able to stomach.

Finally, I have to say, the song “White Album” in the show is shit compared to the actual White Album.

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