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You may have noticed I’d fallen behind on Yurikuma. The reason is… I can’t really bring myself to care. I watched these three episodes back to back, and even then I was pretty bored the whole time. A quick summary: Ginko was actually Kureha’s lover from when they were toddlers but Kureha forgot. Oh, and Kureha’s mother was murdered by her lesbian lover.

Plus lots of symbolism. But the problem is, the narrative isn’t strong enough for the symbolism to mean anything. Penguindrum had Ringo to carry things along. Lesbian Bear Storm doesn’t have a single character I legitimately care about. It’s more symbolism than story. Additionally, thematically the show is very similar to Penguindrum. Unwanted children. Abandonment. Boxes. It’s not as interesting the second time.

Further Thoughts


Lol. This is just funny.


Sometimes, it feels like never giving up on love is really fucking stupid. Like when Kureha says she’d shoot herself to prove her love is true. This seems like a horrible idea. I wonder if the show will validate never giving up on love in the end.

I like how they just casually dropped that Sumika was part of the invisible storm like it wasn’t a big deal or a surprise.

That “bear flash” to escape from the trap at the beginning of episode 6 was the lamest cop out ever.

All the characters in the show are desperately searching for love and approval and acceptance. But all these efforts are futile and doomed to failure. If they’re unable to love themselves, how will they be able to accept the love of another?


I did like the scene where Ginko was dying in the snow, talking about how she wants to earn God’s approval, and the imago dei is revealed in Kureha.

8 thoughts on “Yuri Kuma Arashi 06 – 08 — Whatevs

  1. You’re my hero for swimming against the critical tide in favor of this show.

    It’s dull, soulless, pretentious and repetitive. Wielding the proverbial sledgehammer of symbolism in order to swat at a gnat of an idea. I understand that many want anime to be better appreciated as an art form. But puffing up pretty nonsense like this does absolutely nothing to further that cause.

    1. I actually don’t think this show is very popular with the critics. Our opinion seems to be in the majority from what I’ve seen.

  2. Yeah, I’m also just not feeling it with Yuri Bear Storm. There’s all this stuff that I know the creator expects the audience to react to, but it just feels like there’s nothing behind it. It also kind of feels like it’s copying exact set pieces from Utena (The spiral staircase that goes on and on, the file cabinets that look almost exactly like the morgue drawers). Even that wouldn’t be so bad, except he just keeps using them. It’s never enough to show something once–it’ll be again and again and again. I get that that’s something he’s known for because Utena, but Utena had the excuse of trying to save budget. I’m not getting why he keeps using it now, even if that’s something he’s known for. There’s not really anything more insufferable than being famous for endless repetition.
    Eh, I don’t know. I liked Utena, but I can’t stand this show.
    Side note: If that black bear girl says “Delicious smell” one more time I will punch a hole in the fabric of spacetime. And I already know it’s going to happen next episode.

  3. It certainly doesn’t help that Kureha, the show’s most important character, is a very boring and lifeless character. And the dialogue is just this catalog of catchphrases that get thrown around without any self-awareness or reflection. This show’s stylish but that’s just there to dress up a dull story filled with boring characters.

    1. So true. Kureha is unbelievably boring. And the dialogue… yeah, I agree, but I just watched an episode of Gundam G Reconguista so I don’t feel like I’m in a position to complain at the moment haha.

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