Zankyou no Terror 10 — Tying it all Together


I had just assumed the atomic bomb was a plot device to up the ante— just a way to make the terrorists seem so scary. I hadn’t imagined it would be interwoven so tightly with the rest of the plot.

Both the orphanage and the atomic bomb were created in service of the same goal— to regain the dignity of the Japanese people, through military might. When I think about it, Lisa’s situation is a microcosm of this larger story. (Wow, never thought I’d use that word— thanks high school English class and A Separate Peace, but still, seriously, worst book ever.) Everyone thinks Lisa is worthless. Hell, Lisa herself thinks Lisa is worthless. What’s more, she’s been defeated. Run away from home. Can she ever rise from the ashes again to regain her former, imagined glory? Lisa tries to regain her self-worth through violence— she is enthralled by Nine and Twelve’s vision of destroying the world, even if she is a bit afraid. She serves as an accomplice in their act of violence.


But violence does not give Lisa any self-worth. Rather, she comes to learn that she was never worthless in the first place. Her newly gained power (minute though it is) only serves to tear her friends apart and make her miserable. Instead, she spends her efforts trying to get her friends to get along again.

Further Thoughts


That… was not what I expected. But it was very well done. I’ll buy it.




He’s pretty awesome. See the quote at the end of my Mahouka post.


Some huge, rapid escalation throughout this episode. First Twelve turns himself in. Then he threatens them with the atomic bomb. Then we get the scene jumping between the detective’s interview, Five and Lisa, and Twelve’s interrogation, before ending with the car chase. This is a great way to keep my interest. This was probably the best episode of the show since the first, if not better.


Sweet betrayal too. I kinda feel bad for this guy… But he’s a moron for not betraying her earlier.


And of course the double cross. I have no idea why he’s at all surprise though. I’m pretty sure he’d already made himself her enemy by pointing a gun at her and planning to shoot.

6 thoughts on “Zankyou no Terror 10 — Tying it all Together

  1. So basically Five is what happens when you appoint a tsundere as the head of your special anti-terrorism forces. Bad idea.

      1. True that. Well, at least we know that AFTER Tokyo is destroyed by the nuke, they will send in genetically modified high school girls with badly drawn legs to clean up the mess!

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