Zankyou no Terror — First Impressions


Bullying causes terrorism.

Pretty great first episode. Very well produced. The OP is great (I don’t say that often) and the ED is pretty good too. It’s an interesting premise too, on a topic that most anime would flee from even approaching.

It’s hard to tell where they’re going with it though. We don’t even know why the main characters are terrorists yet. I hope they actually have some reasons and they weren’t just poor children who were brainwashed by the evil terrorists. I tend to like shows with anti-heroes so I’m hopeful this will turn out as well.


Not sure why they felt the need to make it about children in school though. Ugh.

Might blog this one, we’ll see how things go.

6 thoughts on “Zankyou no Terror — First Impressions

    1. Not going to write a post on it (busy enough with the normal shows, still haven’t finished reviewing last season) but it was really great. One of the best I’ve seen in a while too. Wouldn’t mind if Noucome got a second season.

  1. I’d expect this to go down some sort of Aku no Hana-esque road – the fact that the protagonists are kids might make sense in a generational conflict kind of way, considering Japan’s problems today. We’ll see. I am definitely interested in seeing more of the cops though.

  2. I love this one, too! Alredy in mid-season I’m still guessing which direction it’s going. Actually an anime with some suspense in it! And like you I appreciate if anime takes up controversial issues.

    1. My flirtation with this one is starting to wear thin, but I’m still hopeful. Instead of going into those controversial issues they appear to be more interested in playing games between superkids.

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