Zetsuen no Tempest 19 — The Civilization Blaster


Finally we know what this “Civilization Blaster” subtitle is about. Apparently the Trees of Genesis and the Trees of Exodus are tools built by aliens to keep the Earthlings in check. Maybe. Well, ok, sure, cool. Whatever, let’s get back to Hakaze glomping Yoshino.


Yeah, that’s more like it! I love you Tempest. You know exactly what I want to see.


I wasn’t expecting this, but I liked Yoshino and Mahiro’s confrontation over Aika as well. After all that build up, Mahiro actually doesn’t punch Yoshino. He accepts that Yoshino was her boyfriend, and doesn’t get angry. He’s become an adult (sort of).


Of course, Hakaze’s jealously makes it even better.

Further Thoughts


That’s hot.


Oh Sammon… I swear he exists solely to make faces like this.


She has a good point.

7 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 19 — The Civilization Blaster

  1. Ah Zetsuen… I really love this show. I mean it has a little bit of everything. It’s an epic, a drama, a thriller and a rom com. It does it all without skipping a beat. But that’s what’s so great about BONES though, they set about to be as epic as ever, ratings be damned.

    Also, Samon… Best Character Ever. His life is at the mercy of teenagers.

    1. It really has done an amazing job putting all these components together. Especially in light of the fact that the first half had barely any of the rom com elements, and now it’s probably the best rom com currently airing. That sure came out of left field.

      Samon getting dragged around by teenagers’ dating is hilarious.

  2. As soon as Mahiro walked into the graveyard, I immediately slapped myself in the face as I recognised the Hamlet reference. I wouldn’t be suprised that with the time meddling to is to come, Aika, like Ophelia, will go mad and kill herself…

    1. I’m looking forward to them traveling back in time, preventing Aika’s death, and then having two mages battle it out for Yoshino.

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