Zombie Penguindrum — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #9

All too many comedy shows try to end with some half-assed arc involving some serious business and some profound moral lesson, like “believe in your friends.”

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka looked like it was heading down this path. Yuu had been kidnapped, and needed to decide whether to stay with her friends or not.

But then we had a maid orchestra battle a fleet of flying whales in school uniforms.

With Tomonori playing a critical part on the triangle.

Haruna and Ayumu transform into magical girls for an ultimate showdown, which ends in a  double Mysteltain kick. Ayumu’s and Haruna’s cuteness exceeds the limits set by the universe, and the King of Night’s cloak is torn.

Haruna is tossed out the window, and it gets into a more “serious” fight between Ayumu and the King of Night over Yuu. For the next few minutes, the show plays it completely straight.

At the end, Yuu decides to let the King of Night die. Cue dramatic music, tears, and sparkles. But as the King of Night fades away, he makes one final wish:

Profound. Truly profound. Quite possibly the funniest moment of the show. Definitely one of the best endings I have seen in a while.

And in the final episode, the King of Night makes a cameo appearance:

They don’t even mention him, just show this screen for a second or two for no apparent reason. But I was cracking up…

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Penguindrum — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #9

  1. HOORAAY! Someone who loves Kore wa zombie like me <3 <3 Damn this episode was amazing! I had to watch it a few times just for the whole ninja-vampire-maid battle with music xD

    Season two! I can not wait…but I have to, I was reading the manga that seems to be alright kind of slow…

    1. I’m disappointed to hear that the manga is just alright. Were the parts in the manga that the show covered better though? It could just be that the manga isn’t as good an adaptation is the TV series. (haven’t read the manga so can’t say myself though)

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