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Narutaru Ch. 14-15 — Hard Questions

Ch. 14 Summary: Shiina’s mother visits her father in the hospital to quiz him on what happened. Shiina also visits, and then attends the other pilot’s funeral. Akira asks Shiina for help, showing her a threatening note.
Ch. 15 Summary: Shiina and Akira discuss what to do in response to the note. Shiina says she will kill anyone who threatens her father.

In the car on the way to the funeral, Shiina asks her father’s friend a question he can’t answer:


“What’s the point of being born if you’re just going to die?” Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 14-15 — Hard Questions

Narutaru Ch. 11-13 — An Empty Husk

Ch. 11 Summary: Shiina returns to the scene of the crime with Hiro. Satomi slaps her.
Ch. 12 Summary: Shiina visits her mom for her birthday. Her mom is a jerk.
Ch. 13 Summary: An angel-like dragon child attempts to kill Shiina’s father in a dogfight.


We see the Kanji for Shiina’s name the first time in Ch. 12. It’s 秕, meaning “an empty husk.” One can imagine why she doesn’t like to use it. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 11-13 — An Empty Husk

Narutaru Ch. 8-10 — Of Dragons and Men

Ch. 8 Summary: Shiina and Akira emo out at home after killing knife boy.

Ch. 9 Summary: Knife boy’s friends meet at a karaoke place to discuss their plans to bring about the world revolution.

Ch. 10 Summary: The government’s special research council on military balloons meets to discuss the dragons. Shiina’s mom attends and explains mythology to the bigwigs.

In short, three chapters of build-up. Ch. 8 follows up on the emotional impact of the previous chapter’s death. Ch. 9 and Ch. 10 introduce the two new major factions, the revolutionaries and the government.

Hoshimaru’s Exile

My favorite scene from these three chapters is when Shiina is moping around at home, and we see that she has exiled Hoshimaru to sleep outside on the roof:

narutaru_08_09_10_12 Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 8-10 — Of Dragons and Men

Narutaru Ch. 6-7 — He Who Lives by the Sword

Ch. 6-7 Summary: A boy with a dragon child, Tomonori, attacks Shiina and Akira. He tells Akira that he wants to rule and change the world, and will do so by killing all the educated people. He tells Shiina he will kill her and asks why the dragon saved her. Shiina tells him he doesn’t know. He attacks Shiina and Hoshimaru, but Hoshimaru is Akira’s dragon child in disguises. Hoshimaru kills him with the strut from the plane. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 6-7 — He Who Lives by the Sword

Narutaru Ch. 4-5 — New Friends and Enemies

Ch. 4 Summary: Shiina encounters Akira at her family’s restaurant. Akira shows Shiina her dragon child, and they become friends.

Ch. 5 Summary: Shiina and Akira go to investigate what is happening to Shiina’s father’s company. They are attacked by a mysterious boy.

Setting the Mood

I want to point out how, even while showing cutesy and peaceful scenes there’s a deeply disturbing undercurrent to Kitoh’s work.

First, consider the scene where Shiina is napping and Hoshimaru puts the blanket over her. An innocent, idyllic scene. Right?


Then Hoshimaru extends his arm and mercilessly squashes a mosquito. He doesn’t even blink an eye. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 4-5 — New Friends and Enemies