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Narutaru Ch. 45 — To Russia

Ch. 45 Summary: Shiina’s dad goes to Russia. He meets an old lady, and brings her on  a flight to find her son. They find him living with a dragon, who has been in space for the past eighteen years.


Basically, this chapter (which spans over half a volume!) is an excuse for Kitoh to draw Soviet aircraft. I’m not even joking. And darn do they look good. We have multiple types of planes, missiles, and even helicopters. I don’t know much about planes but I assume they’re quite realistically depicted. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 45 — To Russia

Narutaru Ch. 39 – 44

Ch. 39 Summary: Satomi tries to kill Shiina on a school trip. Norio knocks her unconscious, but her dragon child still tries to kill Shiina. We see a flashback in which criticism for Satomi failing a test is interspersed with sex scenes.

Ch 40 Summary: Shiina’s mom and another lady talk about the dragon children, life and death. (This chapter is omitted entirely from the official English translation. But it doesn’t add too much… mostly talking about how dragons are all other types of monsters too, how the dragon children are like larva, and how they aren’t alive.)

Ch. 41 Summary: Satomi has been broken. Shiina’s mom tells Sudou not to try to save the world (lol).

Ch. 42 Summary: Shiina chills out in the hospital.

Ch. 43 Summary: Shiina’s mom and dad talk. We learn that her dad is leaving for work next week and her mom once tried to strangle her.

Ch. 44 Summary: Shiina runs away from home to spend the night with Tsurumaru and Norio.

What Just Happened?

We’re finally getting to the parts of the story where I have no idea what to make of things. Up until this point Narutaru has been strange, disgusting and sadistic, but comprehensible. But now where at the point where things start getting weird. Seriously weird. Ch. 39 in particular. So any help my readers can provide in clarifying things would be greatly appreciated. I don’t remember too much from my first time reading the manga after this point, so my speculation may be wildly off.

So, we start off with Satomi trying to murder Shiina on the school field trip. Then Norio knocks Satomi out with a taser. Perfectly normal up until this point. But then:


Amapola sprouts a body. And while Satomi is unconscious (recall, the dragon children are supposed to share sensations and be fully controlled by their bearer) Amapola continues to attempt to kill Shiina. (If you’ve read the later chapters, also note that Takeo is unconscious while part of this is going down…) Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 39 – 44

Narutaru Ch. 37 – 38 — Apocalypse

Ch. 37 Summary: Shiina visits Satomi’s house to apologize, and eats dinner with Satomi, her mother, and Bungo.

 Ch. 38 Summary: Shiina and Satomi each realize what the other has done with their dragon child.


In Ch. 38, the apocalypse occurs. I mean this in the original Greek sense of the word, as a disclosure of knowledge. The reason I chose this word will become very clear in the ensuing chapters. Let’s do a a quick comparison of this chapter of Narutaru and in the Revelation of John. To be clear, I doubt Kitoh had this comparison in mine: I just think they follow a similar pattern.


All the nations of the Earth worship the Beast and serve Babylon. Likewise, Satomi begins to serve the committee on hot air balloons. Of course, serving Babylon is not a new course for Satomi: she was already serving Sudou, who I would argue is even more an embodiment of Babylon than the government itself. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 37 – 38 — Apocalypse

Narutaru Ch. 34 – 36 — Filtering

Ch. 34 Summary: Shiina enters Banda academy. She’s growing up.

Ch. 35 Summary: Sudou shoots some kids for littering.

Ch. 36 Summary: Shiina starts school and slaps Satomi in the face.

Coming of Age

Not much to say about Ch. 34. It’s mostly there to show that Shiina’s growing up, entering junior high, and time has passed since Hiro died. Shiina’s mother still sucks, Takeo is still a pervert, Sudou is still Sudou, and Shiina’s dad is still a lolicon.


Now Shiina is too old so he refuses to take baths with her, no matter how much she begs him… Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 34 – 36 — Filtering

Narutaru Ch. 30 – 33 — A Fair Society

Ch. 30 Summary: Tatsumi and another guy from the organization buy flowers. The worker at the flower shop is revealed to be Satou’s boyfriend.

Ch. 31 Summary: Sudou discusses his desire to create a fair society in which the less capable people die. Fairly.

Ch. 32 Summary: Norio visits her friend with a baby and wishes he could have Takeo’s child.

Ch. 33 Summary: Takeo brings back a girl home to her parents… after he ensures he fulfills her duties as a prostitute.

Policing Sexuality

We’re back to some shorter chapters. Ch. 30 focuses on Tatsumi and his organization. Their organization has a figurehead who can be easily replaced if necessary and their organization continues. As the other person points out, it’s essentially a dictatorship. Tatsumi claims that this kind of organization is necessary to move forward, for the benefit of the people. It’s a de-humanizing, self-perpetuating organization, where people live in slavery to the principalities and powers, rather than the other way around. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 30 – 33 — A Fair Society