Narutaru Ch. 46 – 49 — Takeo is… What?

Ch. 46 Summary: Shiina is living with Takeo and Norio. She sees Takaya. Takeo is weird.

Ch. 47 Summary: Akira is living in some institution. Her mom wishes she killed her. Some mysterious government person is trying to kill her.

Ch. 48 Summary: Sudo is plotting things. Shiina sees Mamiko at school.

Ch. 49 Summary: Shiina’s dad comes home. A bus runs over some kids.

So, let’s jump straight to these chapters’ major what the fuck moment:


Takeo is Shiina’s father and son? What?!

Given Takeo’s nature, being Shiina’s father isn’t all that surprising. But Shiina’s son? Obviously they aren’t speaking entirely literally here. I suspect this refers to Shiina’s special role, which we’ll learn more about later.


This conversation is preceded by another mention of how, for Takeo, it’s all about reproduction, not love. Takeo thinks it’s the same thing. And it’s implied that Takeo wants to be Shiina’s lover. To reproduce with her. Recall that Shiina has claimed, quite vehemently, that she never ever wants to have children. Let’s just keep this all in mind as we continue reading.


The other weird thing about this chapter is that Shiina is bathing naked with Takeo and Norio. Um… Why did her dad let them stay with these people again? The whole thing seems very shady. He should have put her with one of his friends from work, or his wife, or… anybody but these guys.

Further Thoughts

If you thought Akira’s story was depressing enough before… well, you’re in for a treat. Now Akira’s own mother says she should have killed her. Plus it sounds like there are some actual reasons Akira killed her father.


Haha, Shiina, talk about oblivious.

An interesting conversation with Sudou about the dragon child bearers: “Their way of thinking is not compatible with others.” “Could that be a precondition to bear a shadow dragon?” “That’s not completely wrong, but… that’s just the superficial impression.” Let’s keep this in mind as we learn more about the dragon children.

I was surprised that Sudou isn’t sure if Mamiko has a shadow dragon. He seems awfully close to her. Or perhaps it is the kind of thing that awakens at a certain time.

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