Moretsu Pirates 10 — Captain Chiaki

Chiaki is the captain now! Yes!

You liar.

Why can’t we have more of Chiaki?


Actually, why can’t we have more of anyone but the nurse?

Seriously, go f*** yourself.

I really want to like this episode. Things actually happened. They flew through hyperspace, entered a battle, and chased after a ghost ship!

Yet somehow, it still isn’t clicking for me. It just seems fake. No one treats their journey seriously, and they can always just take a time out. During the journey through the rocky area, in the bridge alarms are sounding, and everyone’s acting like they could die at any moment. Yet they kick Marika out, and she goes to sleep in her room which is perfectly silent and peaceful.

That’s part of the show’s charm, I suppose: it focuses on the practical aspects of piracy, such as child labor laws. But you’re pirates, with a ship that could explode or enter battle at any second, and no one even knows that your captain is on board, but you’re still worried about limiting her working hours to eight per day? This doesn’t seem like the time to worry about such things. There’s no sense of urgency. *Disclaimer*: Child labor laws are a hallmark of modern civilization and I fully support them.

They act like pirates. And there’s the rub. They aren’t pirates. They’re fakes. And the problem isn’t really that they’re fake pirates, it’s that they’re fake fake pirates. They aren’t really fake pirates. If they were, how could they be so detached from their own struggles? Marika isn’t even dedicated enough to becoming a pirate to drop out of school. She isn’t dedicated enough to school to not be a pirate. And she isn’t dedicated enough to either to quit her part time job. The same problem holds for most of the characters. They feel like detached, third party observers to their own lives.

One final though, what are these guys talking about? Half of the Bentenmaru’s crew is female. Unless they’re talking about captains? I didn’t think Ririka was the captain though.

9 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 10 — Captain Chiaki

    1. Well, Chiaki isn’t officially a captain yet, so I can see how they wouldn’t count her. But there are still a ton of other females…

  1. CHIAKI-CHAN! Why so freaking moe!? I swear between Marika I have no idea who I like more…but I just loved watching how into the fake captain role Chiaki actually got and it makes me laugh thinking back on what she said about never doing such things? I guess this might change her mind. Course her father is still alive so she has a while before she can take over unless he dies in the series?

    I liked watching the Bentenmaru flying through all that rough space weather! And the CGI was actually good, most of the time I really hate the use of CGI. Did you also notice the cool sound effects with the ship? I swear it sounded like wood, but I guess that is more “pirate” sound effects at work.

    And now that preview!? Who is that second mysterious blonde person? A twin? Possibly a brother or sister…I saw some mentioning cloning? I think that would work since Coori said that Gruier’s family is special xD

    1. We need more Chiaki!

      Yeah, the sound effects and CG for that part was pretty good. I actually don’t think I watched the preview. 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I’m not that much into Chiaki. Sure, glasses can be cute (as shown in your Inu x Boku posts) but I find this type of semi rimless glasses just awful! They seem to be popular with anime girls, though, as e.g. Nodoka-chan has almost the same model.

    I didn’t understand why Chiaki is pretending to be Marika to let the latter search for the ghost ship. Wasn’t Chiaki supposed to search for the ghost ship herself and kill any competition on the way?

    The part with the rest after eight hours was the best thing in this ep. for me. Marika has already become way too assertive for my taste. I hope she will spend some time at school after this mission to become more clumsy again!

    In a way I guess I understand what you mean when you deplore the lack of urgency. I would be fine, though, if they are just spending half of the episodes this way to let the characters die in shocking and gruesome ways in the second half. Alternatively, I’d also be happy to settle for moe. I just hope this show won’t get stuck in the half-assed territory between these alternatives.

      1. Yep, me too! Although given this show’s history of things looking exciting, and then… I have my doubts.

    1. I think that Chiaki was offered the job to hunt for the ghost ship and eliminated the opposition, but my understanding was that she turned it down (possibly since she didn’t want to fight with Marika). I agree that her glasses are hideous and look like they’re from the 70s, but that has its own charm too!

      And I would love this show if everyone died gruesome deaths in the second half! Of course the nurse’s would have to be the final climax!

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