Psycho Pass 2 10 — What…?

I give up. This is retarded. What the fuck are they thinking?

Especially Akane’s spiel in this episode. Sibyl doesn’t make sense because of… the omnipotence paradox?! Sibyl is perfect, but if it judged a corporate entity, it would be forced to judge itself? This is just so fucking stupid I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with the idea that Sibyl is perfect. What the fuck. How would anyone even think this. Sibyl goes around fucking murdering people in broad daylight every day. Sibyl is a group of brains in jars. We have seen Sibyl make mistakes in its judgements multiple times. Akane is arguing that Sibyl is perfect right after Sibyl fucking murdered her grandmother.


Ok. Then there’s the idea that Sibyl is this super logical system, so if it judges this guy, it has to judge itself. Them’s just the rules, bro. Except it’s completely obvious that Sibyl’s only goal is self-preservation. We just heard it discussing how it had dug up dirt on its political enemies. It just tried to blackmail Akane. Sibyl isn’t logical at all. It’s completely arbitrary.



Earlier, we were led to believe Sibyl can only enact punishments based on the logical result of Psycho Pass Readings. Then in this episode, Sibyl doesn’t even bother to measure, and just orders them all to be killed because “they’re probably latent criminals by now”. Completely logical. Similarly, Sibyl was unable to disable the Dominators Kamui was actively murdering people with because “rules.” But then SIbyl immediately threatens to rescind Akane’s rights as an inspector in order to blackmail her.

Yep, Sibyl is the perfect, logical system. Sadly, the only problem with Sibyl is some theoretical philosophical detail involving the Omnipotence Paradox.

Further Thoughts



This scene was hilarious because randomly shooting passengers based on their stress levels is exactly what the police would do in this same situation.

Btw, Kamui’s plan is really dumb. He’s basically DDOSing the SIbyl system by murdering too many people at once. Except every security camera constantly measures everyone’s Psycho Pass so this wouldn’t even be a blip on their server… but whatever…

10 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 10 — What…?

  1. When it comes to DDOS attack, we are talking about huge amount of simultaneous requests, which I doubt can be performed by Kamui and his group.
    It’s totally stupid, but there’s only one episode left, so I chose to stay with the ship until it sinks.

  2. I think what the series is trying to say is that Chief Kasei as an individual is trying to blackmail Akane separate from the Sybil-System as this hivemind. And yeah, it’s kinda stupid how the Sybil-System was turned into an evil villain this season because of how its spokesperson suddenly had become an evil scientist-lady. In this season the Sybil-System is basically just another “corrupt government” trying to save its ass – except it shouldn’t be like that at all.

    Also, it was just hilarious how Kamui naturally had already planned for the MWPSB using bombs in this episode. Of course, he knew which bombs they were using and manipulated those!

    1. I guess that makes more sense to see the Chief as separate from the Sibyl system. I thought the whole point of the first season was that she was representative of the Sibyl system… but eh… whatever….

      Yeah that thing with the bombs was also pretty stupid.

  3. Oh, you seems to miss one thing this episode try to establish that is the whole thing that happen this season is not because of Sybil but because of the evil scientist that now become Kasei…
    So yeah, apparently if a brain is uploaded to the Kasei body it is no longer part of the whole system thus can act independent despite the needs to report to the larger system…
    This is basically the purpose of Akane calling the scientist name (not even bother to remember her name) in the phone call (“it isn’t about what you want, it is what Sybil need”)…

    So yeah, it is valid to keep saying that Sybil is ‘perfect’ because the action is an individual initiative instead of collective decision like what the show says it says…
    Not that I care because Sybil is obviously god in this world since it revelation in second half of season one, dooming it to the role of ‘evil but necessary (in order to milk the series)’ …

    But who knows, maybe this will result in better future for Sybil? At least the show still has the movie to redeem itself (and maybe Sybil if it wish to be)…

    1. So… basically… the Sibyl system is basically just an oligarchy of disembodied brains of criminals. I thought they were being absorbed into the system and becoming part of a computer that’s smarter than each of them individually or something… When you put it as just an oligarchy of disembodied criminal brains it seems even more fucking stupid than before.

  4. Sybil wants to view themselves as perfect. Akane suggested that they would take a big step towards perfection if they stopped refusing to judge Kamui and let him judge them in turn. I don’t get why they would though. To be able to measure the PP of stitched up people is really not worth the hassle, given that the act of building a brain from spare parts is dodgy and quite pointless.

    I think we have all this mess around because the brain in charge (Misako) is exceptionally crazy, has a morbid Dracula-esque son who is obsessed with Akane’s hue, and the other brains are just not bothered (why?) to get involved, even when plenty of people die and the faith in the system may crumble. Why Misako wouldn’t be stopped by the rest of the jar abominations is beyond me. Maybe they gave up on the outside world and are content with playing chess, watching Youtube videos and cracking low-quality jokes with each other? That would make a good comic relief side story.

    Note: Kamui only paralysed the people on the train.
    I think only the Dominators and some internal whatever at the bureau could measure PP? If I remember correctly from what the chief explained in the first series. The cameras can only measure stress and it’s the computer system that does it.

    1. Exactly. Measuring the Psycho Pass of stitched up people is pointless. Measuring the Psycho Pass of normal people is also pointless.

      It makes no sense that the other brains aren’t getting involved. The thing is about to collapse. That seems like a much larger issue with its “perfection”.

      Good point, Kamui only paralyzed people on the train. The police (who are horrified at what Kamui has done) would not have done that. They would have killed them.

      1. To clarify, neither the police nor Kamui’s team would be able to kill the people on trains since their ‘punishment’ depends solely on Psycho Pass reading.

        1. Right. But I thought Kamui purposefully knocked out the people whose Psycho Pass was increasing so that the police wouldn’t need to kill them.

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