Robotics; Notes 19 — Um…. What?



Apparently the super suspicious guy was actually a good guy all along, and Aki’s sister is the evil super-villain, along with Kimijima Kou. She destroys the Expo and crushes Aki’s robot. Oh, and by the way, Aki’s sister is a hologram.


She’s assisted in her villainy by a loli who was in a coma for ten years and just escaped from the hospital.


The evil plan? To create black holes in space and kill 5 billion people. To do so, they need to create a massive panic by causing illusions and an obelisk that reaches to space, and attain two objectives: capture the JAXA base from Aki’s dad and kidnap Frau.

So yeah, sorry, nice try Robotics; Notes, but this makes no sense. The shit is hitting the fan but we’ve barely caught a whiff of it for the past eighteen episodes and now we’re drowning in shit. This pacing is awful. I remember a while ago I finally decided to enjoy Robotics; Notes for what it was: a high school romantic comedy. Then they turned this into some giant conspiracy and completely forgot about most of the cast. I’m underwhelmed.


The one redemptive part of this episode was the sequence where Aki declared that she never should have had a dream. She finally seems to be realizing that she shouldn’t have put so much stock in her sister. At least that’s what I hope she’ll realize.

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  1. Hmm…. I glad I read the Chaos;Head Visual Novel (Which is twenty times better by the way. It’s in my top ten VNs.). Because of that, a lot of the things here make sense.

    Anyway, I thought this episode was excellent. By the time I thought this started, it was over. Whoever guessed Kimijima was actually the bad guy. Nice job. When I look back, it does make sense.

    Now for the remaining questions… Misa killed him of course. She found out about the Anemone Ship Incident. Most likely she may have been a student or protege of Kimijima, which would explain why when Mizuka dies she has a brief flashback where Misa keeps saying sorry to Kai and Aki after the ship incident. (She failed to notice what Kimijima was up to and blamed (unjustly) herself). Mizuka found her and helped dispose of the body. in the same flashback, there is an image of Misa which looks as if she has blood on her clothes.

    As for Airi and the odd conditions of the Kimijima reports, I’m thinking that Kimijima needed to wait for the proper time to enact his plan. So in case for some reason he was killed, he had a back up plan. He tested on Airi Yukifune uploading conciousness to the Iruo and when it was more or less sucessful, he did it for himself. He got killed and he had to use Airi/Sister Centipede to find someone who could get the reports and enact his plan. However, he needed to get rid of the Airi personality and keep the Centipede personality, which is loyal to him, (He needed to reassure Airi Yukifune, because if he didn’t he would have to force her and if Airi Yukifune was ever found out, he would risk her spilling that Kimijima was a bad man) so it could help with Project Atom. (We hear Sister Centipede’s voice talking to Misa in the last episode, so that seems to be the case) So he put all these weird conditions to finding his reports in order to hide his true objective of getting rid of the Airi personality which was the satelite tower incident. Becuase, if he just made a weird condition for the second report, Kai might get suspicious. The first report had no weird condition.

    Another question might be, well what if Kai found all reports before a certain time. Well in episode 16, the seventh report doesn’t appear at first even though Kai had looked at the same place, so it is safe to conclude the seventh report appeared only at a certain time.

    Well then… That was long. If most of my theories turn out to be true, then I’ll call this a success.

    1. Ok, what happened makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for explaining. I still don’t think they told the story very well, and much of it was completely unpredictable, but at least I can sort of see the logic behind it now.

      I might have to check out the Chaos; Head visual novel. Usually I don’t have the patience for those things though…

      1. Also, one more question might be was Nae’s involvement out of left field. Back in episode 11, Sawada said something about sending an assistant to Tokyo. Nae mentions to Kai that she was heading of to Tokyo for something. In that episode too, Sawada finds out about Kai’s involvement (After he sent Nae). Naturally he would tell Nae about this when she got back. That was episode 13 and she started acting a little warily in front of Kai which signified that she knows he might be against Sawada and her.

        Anyway, like I said I was fine with the reveals, but what I really want to know is (and I’m not sure it will be solved… is why monopoles are falling from the sky.

        1. I didn’t have any trouble with Nae kicking ass just because I remember her and her dad from Stein’s Gate. 🙂 Always expected she was up to something. SHE KILLED MAYUSHI! My hero!

          I’m curious about the monopoles too. If they’re providing free energy, they can’t be an illusion. Unless THE ENTIRE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION!!

    2. The thing, he can simply use a timer, to wake himself at designated time, rather than such a long and roundabout method. It’s taking too much risk.
      What if the person who come across with Airi, dissed those reports as hoax, and didn’t try to uncover them?

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