The Honor at Magic Academy 03 — Yawn

Tatsuya is so amazing…  I wish the world of Mahouka was real, so I could meet him in person and kiss his ass like he deserves…

How dare Tatsuya be so amazing?!! Of course terrorists would want to attack Him for being Himself.

The incest is still going strong. But aside from that this spinoff is painfully boring. This really adds nothing to the original show. Not to imply the original was any good to begin with, of course. But at least it had evil Chinese people, putting the poors in their place, etc. This show is purely tedium.

And we get some fanservice… even the fanservice is tedious and dull. Changing in the changing room? Boob wiggles? Shots up the ass while bending over in their dresses? So pedestrian. Try harder Mahouka. The problem is, unlike most shows, Mahouka can’t let Tatsuya participate in these fanservice scenes. Because, according to Robert Reich, authoritarianism is rooted in sexual suppression. And the family is one of the most important institutions supporting the fascist state. Although Mahouka takes that a bit further than most.


One of the most amusing parts of Mahouka to me has always been this “discrimination” subplot where they all look down on the Weeds. With any other show, the lesson would be not to look down on others, to treat everyone with respect, etc. But not in Mahouka!!! In Mahouka the problem is not treating Weeds with disrespect, it is that Tatsuya has been unfairly counted among the Weeds when he is in fact a superior being and it is only right that this be recognized. The class system shouldn’t be based on this single test, since it didn’t include Tatsuya who is clearly superior.

This is true of the reactionaries in America as well— always complaining about “handouts” and shit. When really, no one has a problem with handouts, it’s just when the wrong people who don’t deserve them (read: non-whites) benefit from them. They’re better than everyone else and they deserve to keep all their privilages. And that’s what Mahouka is all about too.

Finally, lol. People like the author of Mahouka want to return to their imagined version of the past when people knew their place, and nothing really captures that like the elegant noble riding a horse.

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