The Honor at Magic Academy 07 — This Sucks Balls

This arc in the original show already made me suffer so much. And somehow the remake made it even worse. Most of this episode consisted of two people standing still next to each other holding a gun as people screamed magical gibberish at the audience.

Not even joking.

Aside from that, we learned how privileged Shizuku is compared to her competitor.

But of course, the lesson from Mahouka is that this girl should stop being a jealous bitch and just learn to respect her betters. If a kid has rich parents it’s clearly because she deserved it. Dumbass.

Oh, but actually, it’s all Tatsuya’s fault their winning.

Don’t you know the womens can’t do anything by themselves without a man behind them.

And of course, we have the usual…

Please let us get out of this godawful sports arc and back to the oligarchy and xenophobia…

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