The Honor at Magic Academy 08 — Please Let It End

This arc sucked the first time we watched it in the actual show. And it sucks even more having to watch it a second time in the spinoff. Why did they do this to us? Does there exist a guy somewhere who really loves the Mahouka Magical Olympics Arc? Just like in the original series, the magical olympics are fucking lame. They’re so lame they’re even lamer than the actual Olympics. All while having magic. Please just let it end.

At least someone knows it’s all bullshit.

The other highlights of the episode include all the girls having a pajama party where they talk about how amazing Tatsuya is.

Tatsuya only has one character flaw: he is too humble.

We also have a tender sibling hug where Tatsuya tells Miyuki he’ll take care of her and she doesn’t need to worry her pretty little head about anything.

And a big confrontation in the hallway before dinner.

There wasn’t even anything racist to make fun of this week, just pure tedium once again…

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