The Honor at Magic Adademy 02 — I Thought This Wasn’t About Tatsuya?

The spin-off is just so… boring?

Can we at least have something that wasn’t in the original series? What is the point of this? It is supposedly a spin-off about Miyuki (at least that’s what I thought) but the main character is clearly still Tatsuya. Wish they would at least toss in some racism or looking down on the poors to keep me entertained.

Probably half the episode was devoted to talking about how great he is and his new harem competing over kissing his ass. Sister is winning of course…

I forgot how there is literally a machine that you just stick your hand in and it measures how superior your blood is. Love how everyone is dramatically cheering for her superior genes as she sticks her hand in. The people in this world really love licking the boot that stomps on them.

Lol. Forgot all about that. Seems like Tatsuya does it every day in the more recent episodes. I guess the law doesn’t apply to him since he is so awesome. Also, I forgot all about this “Weed” thing where he was in the lesser class and everyone bullies him. Of course, since this is Mahouka, the problem isn’t looking down on people and bullying them, it’s looking down on the wrong people since the measurement system is flawed. What a show.

Curious to see if the main character will ever actually do anything in this show. Guess we’ll see…

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