Trails in the Sky First and Second Chapters


I finished Trails in the Sky Second Chapter last night and was going to write a post about it. But r042 already did and said what I wanted to much more elegantly than I would have. He even used the same screenshot I was planning on! Great minds think alike.

So go read r042’s post. But to summarize, one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played with some of the best writing. Amazing escalation of the story. A few further thoughts:

  • Both the writing and the translation are legitimately great. Look at that line in the above screenshot. Absolutely perfect. (Estelle fights with a big stick.) I doubled over laughing. Better than my Sword Art Online fanfiction.


  • Actually, I doubled over laughing a lot. It’s half the writing, and half the faces. Estelle’s derp face (shown above) is absolutely hilarious.
  • The weakest part is the combat. It becomes somewhat repetitive. But, you don’t have to fight much, which I greatly appreciate. You can avoid most of the enemies and still naturally be at a good enough level to win.
  • Olivier is best girl. Renne is second-best girl.
  • Next is Trails of Cold Steel 2! But I’ll take a break for Danganronpa 2 and Banner Saga 2.

2 thoughts on “Trails in the Sky First and Second Chapters

  1. How’s the story, does it feel like it wraps up in these games or are there huge plot threads left open for future chapters?

    1. Definitely wraps up these games, at least for the two main characters. But there’s clearly a number of sequel hooks for Trails of the Sky 3 and also for Trails of Cold Steel. But yeah, definitely wraps up the main things you’ll care about.

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