Absolute Duo — First Impressions


Not a lolicon. Dropped.


And even if I were a lolicon the show is shit. The animation is atrocious, they’re lazy throughout, both in the animation and the plot and the character designs and everything else. The teacher is a goddamn bunny girl, the principal is a goth loli. The premise is he has to live with a loli and become an “absolute duo” doing everything together. The episode started with a cold open into a future battle, presumably one of the high points of the series that comes much later on, and even that didn’t arouse a shred of my interest.

They aren’t even trying with this. Not worth anybody’s time.

5 thoughts on “Absolute Duo — First Impressions

  1. Wasn’t it weird how that principal-character suddenly told all the students to start fighting with the person next to them because only half of them were really gonna get to study at that school? And only the main-character was trying to complain about that – everyone else was fine with that!

    And that girl the main-guy fought took it REALLY well that she would have to find another school now because of him.

    Watching this episode was something akin to watching paint dry. That’s how uncreative the whole thing was.

    1. Yep, totally weird. Very little of this show made sense. The girl doesn’t even seem to mind when all her hopes and dreams are apparently destroyed.

      I’d say it was creative. I mean it takes some creativity to come up with something this dumb.

    1. Well it certainly has some fanservice. I wouldn’t say that’s really the show’s problem though, the problem is that everything it does is crap, including the fanservice.

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