Ace Attorney — First Impressions


This anime doesn’t have much of either.

Wow, this was terrible. They just lifted everything straight out of the game it seems like.


Complete with slowly displaying text boxes and shitty CG.

The judicial system in this show is a farce. The burden of proof rests on the defense. Everyone is a moron. Nothing makes any sense.

It’s a murder case and no one even pretends to give a shit that someone was murdered.

I think at times there were supposed to be things that were funny? They weren’t.

In short, terrible. Please move along.

5 thoughts on “Ace Attorney — First Impressions

  1. This is the most faithful video-game-into-anime adaptation I ever seen. It keeps the quirky stuff in game, down to the loopable animation of the suspects. The story is based off the first game and provides nostalgia to the fans (even though it’s just ~10 years old).

    That being said, I won’t recommend this to those that never played the series.

  2. Hey, it’s actually one of the most ‘loyal’ game-to-anime adaptations! I’m really glad they did what they did. Though, I have to say the plot progresses rather fast. Perhaps it’s because the missing part where Phoenix needs to go through the whole evidence list and checking them one by one… and spamming them out.

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