A Seasonal Review — Spring 2016

UnwatchedAce AttorneyAnn Happy, EndrideGundam UC RE: 0096, HundredKyoukai no Rinne, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, Sailor Moon Crystal,Shounen MaidSUPER LOVERSTerra Formars: Revenge

Crappy ShortsBishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game,  Hakuouki ~Otogisoushi~, Kagewani Shou, Neko Neko Nihonshi, Onigiri, Pan de Peace, Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou, Usakame, Uchuu Patrol Luluco, Wagamama High Spec

big_order_01_2 big_order_review_2

26. Big Order — F
Wow, so bad.

gakusen_toshi_asterisk_01_1 gakusen_toshi_asterisk_01_2

25. Gakuen Toshi Asterisk — Ongoing
Tries to do everything and does it all badly.

netoge_no_yome_review_2 netoge_no_yome_01_1

24. Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? — F
Worst romance ever. Please divorce soon.

seisen_cerberus_01_3 seisen_cerberus_review_2

23. Seisen Cerberus — D-
Generic crappy fantasy show.

twelve_sai_chicchana_mune_no_tokimeki_01_1 twelve_sai_chicchana_mune_no_tokimeki_01_2

22. 12-Sai —  D
Unique concept with going through puberty, but too long.

concrete_revolutio_01_2 concrete_revolutio_01_1

21. Concrete Revolutio — D+
What just happened.

haifuri_01_1 haifuri_review_2

20. Hai-furi — D+
Cute girls run ships and blow each other to smithereens.

mayoiga_review_1 mayoiga_01_2

19. Mayoiga — D+

flying_witch_01_2 flying_witch_01_1

18. Flying Witch — C-
Zzzz….. Very little flying… But it’s pretty…

ushio_to_tora_review_1 ushio_to_tora_01_1

17. Ushio to Tora — C
Decent shounen fighting show.

sousei_no_onmyouji_01_1 sousei_no_onmyouji_01_2

16. Sousei no Onmyouji — Ongoing
Good shipping.

bungou_stray_dogs_01_2 bungou_stray_dogs_01_1

15. Bungou Stray Dogs — Ongoing
Should be my kind of thing, but something is missing….

jojo_diamond_01_1 jojo_diamond_01_2

14. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable — Ongoing
Needs to speed things up a bit.

assassination_classroom_s2_1 assassination_classroom_review_1

13. Assassination Classroom — C+
Some really great moments towards the end.

boku_no_hero_academia_01_1 boku_no_hero_academia_01_2

12. Boku no Hero Academia — Ongoing
Pretty strong shounen fighting show.

re_zero_01_1 re_zero_01_2

11. Re: Zero — Ongoing
Sometimes it’s quite good, usually it really pisses me off.

joker_game_01_2 joker_game_review_1

10. Joker Game — B-
Spies before WWII!

macross_delta_01_1 macross_delta_01_2

9. Macross Delta — Ongoing
We’ve only got one shot of love, so let’s have fun inside of you!

kuromukuro_01_1 kuromukuro_01_2

8. Kuromukuro — Ongoing
PA Works really needs to branch out from just cute girls more often. Cute girls and robots is so much better.

sansha_sanyou_01_2 sansha_sanyou_review_1

7. Sansha Sanyou — B
I can’t believe I enjoyed this so much. Definitely shouldn’t be my type of show.

sakamoto_desu_ga_01_1 sakamoto_desu_ga_01_2

6. Sakamoto Desu Ga!! — B+
Lol Sakamoto.

kiznavier_review_1 kiznavier_review_2

5. Kiznavier — B+
A bit overdramatic, but still great.

kabaneri_01_2 kabaneri_of_the_iron_fortress_01_2

4. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri — B+

tanaka_kun_review_1 tanaka_kun_itsumo_kedaruge_01_1

3. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge — B+
Zzzzzzz…. (but in a good way) Best shipping of the season.

bakuon_01_1 bakuon_01_1

2. Bakuon!! — B+
Absolutely hilarious.

kuma_miko_08_4 kuma_miko_01_2

1. Kuma Miko — A-
Also hilarious, plus cute and cynical and hopeful.

It was a pretty amazing season. 19 series which I actually enjoyed watching. And 10 that were really good. Quite a season! What did you all think?

6 thoughts on “A Seasonal Review — Spring 2016

  1. It warms my heart to see you rate Tanaka-kun so highly. It was probably my favorite show of the season, but I’m always anxious other people won’t like. It’s appeal is difficult to explain.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t like it after the first episode either. But after the other characters showed up I really appreciated its appeal.

  2. Aside from Jojo and 12-sai, I’ve watched all of the shows on here.

    For the most part, my opinions on them are roughly the same as yours. The only real disagreements would be Kabaneri (thought it was like a C at best; I liked the visuals but couldn’t really care for the story or characters; I wouldn’t consider it bad though, just average), Netoge (It was smut that I actually liked watching, though a lot of time it felt like an inferior KonoSuba), High School Fleet (enjoyed it for how dumb it was), and Concrete Revolutio (was one of those who paid attention during it). I also liked Flying Witch and Ushio to Tora more than you did, but hey.

    If I had to choose an AOTS it would be Kiznaiver. Really clicks with me for some reason. Your worst of the season was Big Order, and I agree with this. Other than that one scene where not-Yuno keeps killing herself it did nothing good in my opinion.

    (As a final note, quite honestly I wish the 2nd season of Asterisk is the last one. However, this is highly unlikely; At the very least S3 will (unless it somehow pulls a U-turn and becomes tolerable) be a free 2/10 on my MAL)

    1. I can definitely understand why you wouldn’t like Kabaneri, not the best story or characters, but I still had fun with it.

      Still more seasons of Asterisk? Well crap…

  3. Sakamoto was awesome, Kabaneri derailed at the end, bakuon was funny but needless ecchi was needless.

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