Qualidea Code — First Impressions


Well, that was something!

Apparently this is like Chaos Dragon, where different creators wrote a story together while they were all wasted. Including Oregairu guy. Fortunately, so far it looks waaay better than Chaos Dragon. Although I’m sure it would be even better if they did weed in Japan.

The characters have a lot of personality, and all look promising. (Although I could have said the same thing about Chaos Dragon…) But what’s more, it just feels much more solidly put together. The animation’s not the greatest, but I do like the art style. The soundtrack, though, is top notch.


That said, I hope it’s not Chaos Dragon or Mayoiga where the characters are pretty decent, but the story is a complete joke. So far at least they managed to make it decently funny though, so I’m optimistic.

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