Hitori no Shita: The Outcast — First Impressions

Zombies appear.

Apparently this is actually originally made in Chinese. I realized this partway through when I was wondering why the names were all Chinese and why the lips weren’t matching what they were saying.

It’s pretty bad. Look at this animation, from one of the scenes intended to be scary:


Lol. Come on. Throughout the entire show, they clearly had no idea how to draw human bodies. (Not that I could do any better, but these are supposed to be professionals.)

The writing is atrocious. From the first couple minutes, some guy says: “He was muttering ‘Zhang’.” Then they pan to the grave. It says ‘Zhang’. The cop says, “Zhang. I’ve heard that somewhere before…” Yeah, dude. You heard it literally ten seconds ago. What a great memory. And then it turns out Zhang’s grandson had called this same policeman the day before to tell him he was going to visit the grave. Why the fuck do you call some random detective to tell him you’re going to visit your grandfather’s grave? Then right after this, the guy gets out of the bus in town, and his childhood friend just happens to be strolling right by to meet him.

I stopped taking notes after a couple minutes in.

It did have one good moment though:



Brother / sister relationship of the year.

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